2016Hanley charts out Gary Johnson’s path to the presidency! Well, to a likely loss in the US House of Representatives, but close enough.

Hillary Clinton is going all out on immigration. Good chance this will never backfire…

Ryan Briggs talks about gentrification, and how rather than being a tool of integration may just be a shifting of segregated racial boundaries.

I am a fan of revenue-caps on traffic courts, though I can see why you wouldn’t want to to place the caps differently in different places. Also, please don’t do this.

As France comes to grips with the terrorism spike, some Muslims are showing solidarity by attending Catholic Mass and refusing to bury the perpetrator.

ChernobylAfter School Satan. If I lived in Deseret, this would have an appeal! I do wish they would separate the trolly aspect from the more positive ones, though.

Lyman Stone’s piece on migrations and oil booms is worth a read.

Stop trying to get me to like Tim Kaine, it isn’t going to work.

Texas 1, Saudi Arabia 0.

It turns out, Republicans also go and watch movies.

deathhandseyesSexless millennials, there are more than one might think! Well, at least young people being unable to move out of their parents’ house is having some benefit.

When football and immigration law collide.

CapX looks at attempts to disrupt poverty by moving people around.

Akshat Rathi cheated sleep for a year.

Noah Feldman argues that law schools should not try to limit admittance to people that will be able to pass the bar.

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8 Responses to Linkluster Service Provider and Billed Entity Identification Number

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    I don’t know why they just can’t require all money from fines to go to the state general fund.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Oh, my gosh: so yes to the “please don’t do this.” If I got pulled over and handed an ice cream cone, I would still be shaking so badly I’d be less-safe to drive.

    • Agreed. That situation is also bad because I can imagine a lot of ways it could go wrong.

      And not to be too dramatic, but it’s still “the state” detaining a person without cause, if only for a few minutes and for an ostensibly benign purpose. How do we know that some cops/departments might not use such a program to target certain types of people, so that the cop can say, “well, I pulled him over to give him an ice cream cone, but then I realize he probably had drugs in the car so I decided to arrest him”?

      • fillyjonk says:

        Yeah, that’s a creepy thought: cops having some kind of “innocent” back up to justify pulling someone over, so they can just pull people over to have a look-see.

        I got pulled over once for “swerving” in my lane (someone had passed me on the right, which STILL freaks me out after living here for 17 years). It was scary, and I am not of the typical complexion, gender, or age group that gets big trouble when pulled over. I was super polite and moved slowly and said, “I am going to reach for my driver’s license which is in my purse. I am going to open the console here to get out my registration and insurance information.”

        The big thing was the cop wanted to know if I was on any meds that caused “drowsiness.” God help me but I lied – I take a beta blocker in low doses but have never noticed any drowsiness from it, but I figured if I said yes I’d have been pulled out of the car and given a free night in a cell somewhere. I was just trying to get home….

        • Murali says:

          Presumably you are not in the states. Where are you based?

        • fillyjonk says:

          No, I am in the states. I guess passing on the right is legal everywhere? In the upper Midwest, where I came from, it is VERY uncommon. In Texas, where I was when this happened, it’s very common for an impatient driver to pass a person on the right (on the “shoulder” of the road) and it ALWAYS freaks me out when it happens.

          And dangit, the stupid pull-over-for-ice-cream thing is SPREADING…..one of the small towns near me is doing it now. I guess it’s a good thing there’s so much road construction right now I’m boycotting leaving my town.

        • I wonder if passing on the right is illegal mostly everywhere (in the US), but in certain regions it’s more practices or tolerated than others. Kind of like Big City, where running stop signs or red lights might just as well be legal because people seem to do it with impunity.

          One of the issues in the last mayoral election was whether to have more or fewer red-light cameras. The “progressive” candidate was arguing fewer. And his incumbent opponent was dismantling some already. Apparently, the mob likes its red lights. (I do realize there are other, legitimate concerns at play about red light cameras. But high dudgeon about getting a ticket for doing something illegal and dangerous just gets on my nerves.)

  3. From the article on Satanic clubs, a supporter of the clubs says,

    As a teacher, if I were deciding whether to teach that [Satanic clubs] or the fear and hatred of other people’s beliefs, which is what Good News Clubs teach, I would choose what the Satanic Temple has available

    That person doesn’t seem, at least not in the part where she’s quoted, to realize that such clubs seem to promote something like “fear and hatred” against evangelicals. I realize “fear and hatred” is too strong, but my point is that Satanic clubs are in part about taking a view that certain forms of knowledge and seeing the world are less acceptable.

    All that said, I agree with the role and the rationale for having the clubs. If public schools and other public institutions are going to quasi-endorse certain religions–and from what the article says, Good News clubs meet that criterion–then it is proper for any group that doesn’t harm people be permitted an equal or comparable footing.

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