Do any of y’all have access to free email accounts that aren’t free? By which I mean someone that you have a business relationship with (you buy email, domain hosting, web hosting, or Internet connectivity from them… so long as you are a paying customer) and they give you more email addresses than you can possibly use?

If so, could you spare me an email address?

I don’t need a large email box or anything like that. Just an address and the ability to forward.

Addendum: To expound a bit, this isn’t an email that I would be giving outfar and wide or anything like that. If you ever needed to reclaim it because you’re out of addresses, it wouldn’t cause me any great inconvenience. It’s half-tool, half-experiment.

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2 Responses to Free But Not-Free Email Anybody?

  1. logtar says:

    I can give you one at just let me know what you want it to be. Contact me via Gmail, lol

  2. Webmaster says:

    I can give you one, Will 😛

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