somethinghappensInterpol chief Ronald Noble is surprisingly (to me) uncritical of the ramifications of an armed society.

The health minister of Queensland (the real one, in Australia) is open to the idea of a lifetime smoking ban for young people.

Contra Eberspacher, I don’t worry about elitism taking over the Democratic Party. I am a bit worried about whatever the complete opposite of provincialism is, however.

Reihan Salam argues that maybe the relationship between anti-immigration sentiment and racism is there but not as simple as we make it out to be.

The ACLU and a lot of Texas conservatives agree, this law sucks.

creepypandasThanks to a court ruling, it is now a federal crime to share your Netflix password. This sort of seems like something that will be rather selectively enforced. {see comments}

According to the Manhattan Institute, maybe we aren’t moving less for opportunity so much as moving differently.

Jennifer Lawrence was removed from Hunger Games posters to avoid offending some religious Israelis.

Oil crash or no, Texas unemployment rates remain low.

Cracked’s Robert Evans read every every issue of Daesh’s magazine, and reports seven things he learned.

According to an analysis out of Canada, there is, alas, no substitute for live lectures in college.

That’s… one long eel they found in Austin.

Scandinavia, the home of statist individualism

babyburritoRome is importing falcons from Texas to hunt starlings.

Alan Moore encourages new writers to self-publish.

Take some free classes from Yale!

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8 Responses to Linkluster Million Illiterate Women

  1. DensityDuck says:

    ” it is now a federal crime to share your Netflix password. ”

    No it isn’t. Please stop reading clickbait headlines and passing them on.

    What *is* a crime is to access information after you’ve been told that you aren’t authorized to do that. “What, all they have to do is TELL me and after that it’s a FEDERAL CRIME?” Well, yeah, just like one tiny little “no tresspassing” sign is enough to make it illegal to cross through a particular patch of ground.

    See, context matters here. The ruling itself doesn’t mention Netflix at all; what *happened* was that some dude quit his headhunter job, talked his former coworkers into giving them their passwords, used those passwords to download the former employer’s client database, and then sold that database to a competitor. This is less “sharing Netflix password” and more “used my old key to go into my ex’s apartment and steal stuff because she didn’t change the locks after we broke up”.

  2. Murali says:

    Jennifer Lawrence was removed from Hunger Games posters to avoid offending some religious Israelis.

    You know, if it had been Muslims or conservative Christians who were being accommodated in this way, I’m pretty sure that everyone including lots of people over there would be saying how we shouldn’t go about accommodating misogynist knuckle draggers and how some people should just grow the fish up.

    • trumwill says:

      I think so, too, though who would be speaking at what volume would depend on whether Muslim or Christian.

    • Brandon Berg says:

      On the contrary, my perception is that the left has no problem criticizing Israeli Jews, since they’re seen as the oppressor in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Only non-Israeli, non-Zionist, non-banking Jews are off-limits.

  3. Michael Cain says:

    Re unemployment, same could be said for Colorado. We took somewhat longer to recover from the Great Recession than Texas, but we are now back to our historical position with unemployment about a percentage point lower than Texas’s. Despite the oil/gas crash and the coal collapse. And despite having higher percentage population growth than any state but North Dakota over the past year.

    I had to drive down to the south-ish end of the metro area yesterday. Six big construction cranes working in LoDo, one across I-25 from LoDo, three more south of the Denver Tech Center. Where are all these people coming from?

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