I kid you not, yesterday I started two posts, one of which that was supposed to go up today.

The first involved Blue Lives Matter, and Black Lives Matter, and the intersection between the two. The opening point, which I had actually written, involved an argument about how blue lives actually are more important than black ones and white ones, in a manner of speaking. (The second part, which I haven’t yet written, would go on to explain the limits of this idea and how we have extended beyond them.)

The second involves the sense of glee that some people feel for the Pitchfork Comeuppance. The notion that “they” (a political group on the opposite side of an issue) didn’t listen and now people are taking this up with threats of violence. And sure enough, at least a few people early on made comments about how this, the violence, is why police need to reform. Which is right, in a way, and also wrong. But it’s been deployed by all sides. Last night is a reminder that it’s not a completely abstract argument.

Anyway, I have to decide what to do with those posts. Neither will come up today. In lieu of that, I will simply post the song of the moment.

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12 Responses to They Were All In Love With Dyin’, They Were Doin’ It In Texas

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    When a people do not feel that they can get satisfaction through legitimate means, they will get it through illegitimate ones.

    This is not some new bit of wisdom, it’s something that has been known for centuries.

    • trumwill says:

      This is true, but it’s true whether the satisfaction they seek is justice or injustice. Whether it’s objecting to police brutality or a lack of immigration control.

  2. kirk says:

    Black Lies Murder. The race-baiter in the White House has been lying about cops for a long time now. This is his creation.

  3. ScarletNumber says:

    You have been to have been in your late teens when this song came out to appreciate how popular it was.

    Also, until today I thought they were saying “Diane”, not “dyin'”. Since other names are mentioned in the song, this wasn’t an unreasonable thought.

    Also, kudos to them for being on the vanguard with the concept of the football-player/rapist.

  4. dand says:

    Can someone tell me how calling education reformers “anti-teacher” is different than calling black lives matter “anti-cop”?

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