gasmasksGood-bye to Neil Farage, the marmite of British politics and arguably the most successful British politician of an era. That said, I expect Team Norway to win and free movement to remain even if the UK doesn’t remain in the EU.

Eastern Europe makes its move

Moving to Canada is an oft-used threat, but it’s actually kind of hard. Meanwhile, a look at population growth in the Great Maple Leaf.

Sort of like the mysterious man from Thrill Seekers, This guy keeps dying in every terrorist attack, and there’s (non-time-travelling) a reason for it.

JoAnna Novak worries that America is going to destroy sriracha because America.

gasmasks2This should surprise approximately nobody: With diversity comes segregation.

This is probably a good thing, considering that Twitter needed some fresh imagery in its election commentary.

Eastern Europe makes its move

Will uranium seawater extraction make nuclear power completely renewable?

Woohoo! We’ve got more helium! We’ve got more helium!

Ben Casselman argues that while poor kids need the summer jobs, the rich kids are getting them.

In the medical profession, as in many others, pay-for-performance is a tricky thing.

Mimi Teixeira writes of the business and underbelly of clothing donations.

In effort to avoid contributing to the controversy, a rape victim in Germany lied about the race of the assailants.

I used to have one of these! Actually, three. People like them because they’re reliable, but they kept dying on me after about a year or so.

Homeschoolers are apparently killing it on the SAT.

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9 Responses to Linkluster Bills in a Pound

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Truth on the moving-to-Canada thing: I had friends who wanted to (for the climate, and hopefully, for the health care system). You have to effectively prove you are employable and are “needed” in some way, or at least that was their impression.

    I guess they were deemed “eligible” (he was a high-tech worker with a very specific skill set) but family issues came up that prevented them from moving.

    I suspect the same limitations are true of many European countries (unless you can GENUINELY prove you are a refugee, and not just leaving because you disagree with the person elected to office). It’s probably a your-mileage-may-vary thing for the super rich or the famous, but a schmoette like me would probably not be able to move to Ireland or Germany despite having had (distant) antecedents there…

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    I’ve heard about seawater extraction before, good to hear there is a push to make it better.

  3. dand says:

    I doubt the Dallas shooting is what appears to be at first glance..

  4. ScarletNumber says:

    The Depressing Incivility of Social Media by Roland Dodds (Over There)

    I find it amazing that an adult man with a job and a family can be so fragile. Depressing?! Give me a break.

    veronica d adds “I stopped using Twitter. It doesn’t work.”

    Twitter works just fine. Just because he doesn’t like what Twitter is doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

    Mike Schilling adds “Twitter puts the ‘id’ in ‘idiocy’,” which at least makes reference to the id, but dismisses Twitter as idiocy.

    Burt Likko gets on his high horse by saying how much better the commentary is Over There, leaving out the fact that it is the same people over and over and over again, and they engage in censorship, both officially and de facto via shunning.

    It’s amazing how little people are willing to be open minded and to engage with those who disagree with them. To all I have just referenced: grow the hell up!

      • ScarletNumber says:

        My observation about shunning doesn’t only apply to Over There.

        • trumwill says:

          Hit Coffee has never really been – or pretended to be – a free speech zone. Right now it operates on a wider band than OT, but immigration discussion and racial discussion was highly restricted until 2011.

          Ordinary Times seeks balance along different parameters, sometimes in conflict with one another. It’s not always easy to sort out.

          As for shunning, I miss the quality of your older comments, but you’re still welcome here and I recognize that some of it likely relates to the way Hit Coffee itself has evolved. Should I have reason to go to Jersey again, I intend to let you know. I have some issues with the commentariat at OT and the present commenting atmosphere, but I also think it’s one of the best around and so don’t elect to voice them here.

        • ScarletNumber says:

          I don’t feel you have censored me unfairly here. While I don’t feel any of my censored comments have been over the line, I recognize that others have different lines, especially when it comes to humor based on stereotypes.

          Also, since you are managing editor Over There, I don’t expect you to comment publicly about any issues you have, so I appreciate that you allow me this platform.

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