spreadanarchyWhen Gundam needed a city to smash up, they chose… Edmonton, Alberta.

I… uhhh… yeah, that’s a toilet.

I sometimes wonder if any city can ever keep its conservative character as it grows. If Calgary is any indication, the answer appears to be no.

Japanese politicians do campaign posters differently than American ones do.

Well this is fun. What else can we ban by looking at? Maybe the fetus at different stages of development?

Referring to President Obama as “Barry” is rude, but it’s not an affront to civil rights and Peter Daou’s attempts to make it won is not helpful.

elmolabourMatthias Shapiro talks of living on the food stamp diet, and presents how he managed it.

Well this kind of sucks. When I don’t mind risking Chinese counterfeits I go to eBay. I go to Amazon specifically when I don’t want to risk it.

It’s really interesting that France is one of two countries where fear of crime is an issue for less than half of the population, given the Paris Attacks. (Which, I know, were not carried out by refugees, but demonstrated holes in the process all the same.)

I appreciate the thought here, but as a knuckle-dragging American I am vaguely disconcerted by the word “instructs.”

Maybe it’s not soda and salty/sweet snacks after all.

If it has indeed begun, I fear it’s the beginning of an unhappy story.

Justin Fox explains how Chinese students saved our colleges. There has been some tension with the international students, but their money is green.

feudalismHelen Andrews argues that the meritocracy is so obvious, that it’s really hard to question. Even if (maybe especially if) it turns into the aristocracy it ostensibly replaced.

Richard Reeves of the Brookings institute has an interesting piece on partisan affiliation and premarital cohabitation. It gives me hope that there is more resistance to the idea among young Republicans than I thought.

This is presented a quirky Japanese thing when it comes up, but I think rent-a-friend is a neat idea.

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8 Responses to Linkluster US Billionaires

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    It has begun: Weren’t you less than inclined to accept this?

    • Jaybird says:

      If this happens again, we’ll see a greater push for gun control and we’ll also see certain parts of town that used to oppose gun control start pushing for it.

      Reasonable gun control, of course. Nothing crazy.

      And then the War On Guns can truly begin in earnest.

      • Oscar Gordon says:

        Oh goody, another “War On $THING”, because the last dozen or so of those have been so darned effective…

    • trumwill says:

      It’s not quite as simple as accept or not accept. I hope to have a post on it next week.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    In re: the food stamp diet and the author’s comment about fresh vegetables being “treats” – I know of at least one farmer’s market that doubles the value of food stamps (e.g. one dollar-equivalent buys two dollars worth of food).

    That said, I have no idea of the price comparisons between fresh farmer’s market veggies and wal-marts. (Quality probably not comparable, would bet farmer’s market is better, at least going by what my local wal-mart puts out)

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