Here’s another cool profile of Estonia’s president. I still, uhhh, disagree with him about the pseudonym thing.

Reportedly, Iron Man would have had a female villain but for concerns over toy sales.

As someone I know put it, why are people so good at doing nothing when they should do something and doing something when they should do nothing? I understand the park’s position on the matter, but any chance we could set up an adoption agency? We might need one for baby seals, too.

The Trump presidency is going to be great, y’all. Just hard on the UK.”>great.

It makes sense that The New Republic would want to destroy the only grassroots political movement in Westeros.

Stop trying to get me to like Hillary Clinton it’s not going to work.

The origin of the small statue penises. NSFW

Google is working with developers to improve chatbots. Excellent! I mean, it would be better if they cited Hitler elegantly, right?

Sweden is looking at legalizing male abortions, wherein men can sign away their rights and responsibilities early in the pregnancy. I’m pretty reflexively against it, though the dynamics do probably change when you’re dealing with a cradle-to-grave welfare state. How much, though?

This Lyman Stone post on suburbia, exurbia, and affordability is pretty long, but I love everything about it. {More} {Even More}

I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. This, more than anything, is what is likely to make regular paperbacks obselete. {via Abel}

Wait, isn’t this how the Book of Mormon came to be?!

Jeffrey Tucker says that writing a book is easy, and publishing it is easier. These things aren’t false, though writing a publishable book (as in one you would want others to read) is more difficult.

Clancy loves coffee, and loves naps, so this is right up her alley and she reported that it actually kind of works.

Clarrissa Sebag-Montefiore explains how China gives short people the short shrift.

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