Venezuelans may be surprised about their rolling blackouts, but maybe they should celebrate their new two day workweek and remember that, according to Linda Poon it was the result of their economic success.

It looks like the media has decided that hidden cameras are okay again.

A relatively straightforward (and helpful!) explanation of why the SpaceX barge landing was so significant.

Reading books about architecture isn’t something I would just go out and do, but woah brutalism!

I want to swim in this pool more than I have ever wanted to swim in any pool in my entire life. And I have a mild fear of heights!

The sex life of the college crowd is not as dramatic as we are lead to believe.

The University of Chicago has reformed their speech codes, much to the satisfaction of FIRE.

So, if it pans out, what do we do with the knowledge that a college education is a worthwhile investment for the kids of the wealthy but not the kids of the poor?

chickenIt’s a good thing that Ordinary Times is not housed in Estonia, on the whole I think there’s more to like about President Toomas Henrik than to dislike.

Europeans ponder the question of why Europe have a comparable tech industry. I’m just old enough to remember when phones were used by a certain kind of lefty as indicative of how Americans are not as great and innovative as we think we are.

My wife has some very, very strong opinions on Meaningful Use. I… can’t remember the last time she went on about something uninterrupted for half-an-hour.

TA Frank explains how the Democrats are becoming the party of the 1%.

Since he won a plurality, we pretty much have to name this elementary school after Donald Trump, right?

Rachel Cunliffe says that we shouldn’t celebrate Brazil President Dilma Rousseff’s fall from power because it is, in the end, a case of selective prosecution.

Whether a wealthy city or a poor one, California is an awful place to save money. Texahoma, on the other hand…

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6 Responses to Linkluster Novus and Probianus

  1. Peter says:

    That survey about the sex lives of college students is largely meaningless, just like all sex surveys, on account of inaccurate reporting. Males deliberately report more sex partners than they’ve actually had while women report fewer. Even completely anonymous surveys suffer from this reporting bias.

    • trumwill says:

      This is true, but at least theoretically you’d expect there to be more significant change in how they answer based on changing perceptions of normal.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    In re school naming: We probably should go back to the old NYC system of just using numbers, because generally that’s an easier way of avoiding saddlesoreness over the person chosen to be so “honored” with the name.

    Then again, I suppose in some communities, 4, 13, or 666 would be taboo numbers for schools.

  3. greginak says:

    That TA Frank piece….ugghhh. I know discussions of the white working class have been pretty common which is good. But this “The more that Democrats write off the white working class, which has been experiencing a drastic decline in living standards, the harder it is for them to call themselves a party of the little guy.” So not appealing to the WHITE working class means you aren’t for the little guy. But D’s do very well with the rest of the working class and poor which means ???? I guess if they dont’ appeal to the whites they aren’t for the little guy. There is also explantion of how D’s are going out of their way to just write off the WWC while helping other WC and poor people.

  4. Oscar Gordon says:

    Re: Venezuela – But are they happy?

    There is a certain class of liberals who just can not see Venezuela except through rose tinted glasses.

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