wantedWell this is a perfectly Australian story: Venomous spider traps a snake in the garage.

My wife has complained about EMR inbox notifications, and now her complaints have been backed by science.

Related: Living with yourself (or not) after a professional mistake kills someone. Even when there are no lawsuits, hospitals are a liability factory.

Sigh. Also, why are all of Mario Cuomo’s kids so bad.

I suppose “bad lapse in judgment” is one way of putting it.

I have myself seen some connections between the Ascension of Trump and the French Revolution. In mentality, if not trails of blood.

Australia is running so low on koala food that they might have to start euthanizing. Good think they can’t eat flesh anymore.

When practice doesn’t make perfect! Scott Stanley and Galena Rhoades investigate why extensive relationship history (experience!) doesn’t lead to marital success.

Americans are increasingly accepting of social change in most respects, but not divorce. I attribute it to the triumph of experience over hope. {Related}

The retirement of Shamu: SeaWorld announces that its ending its orca program.

I hadn’t thought about it explicitly in this manner, but the Australia-Siberia connection kind of makes sense. And here is Stanislav Zakharkin talking about the Siberian movement.

Volvo is working on a kangaroo avoidance system for Australia.

Well this makes sense. Given the sprawling storyline of Game of Thrones, I can see why it might appeal to prisoners that their prison terms should seem short by comparison.

Australia has something of a Wyoming problem with the Northern Territory, which is insufficiently populated for statehood but too big to be ignored. What about merging it with South Australia?

Matt Novak looks at Australia’s secret history as a White Utopia.

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5 Responses to Linkluster Domino’s in Australia

  1. The medical errors story is one important reason why I did not want to be a doctor when I was younger. I didn’t want that kind of responsibility. (There was also the small problem that I wasn’t nearly as good at science and math as I would have had to be.)

    In the jobs I’ve had, I’ve felt very bad for doing much less. I can’t imagine what it would be like to make a mistake that actually hurts someone severely.

  2. Chris says:

    The snake and spider thing is common in Australia. Here’s the first one I remember seeing, in which the snake appears to have been (nearly) killed by the spider:


    And here’s another one of a redback with a dead snake in its web:


    I don’t know how anyone lives on that island.

  3. Joe Sal says:

    Siberian movement:
    “People felt equal to one other.”

    Kinda of funny how that happens outside the shadows of the Leviathan.

  4. Oscar Gordon says:

    Adding two links because they are cool.

    Watch a submarine surface through arctic ice pack

    The first pic in the series took me a minute to remember what I was seeing. Those aren’t weird flowers in the background, they are Flak explosions all going off at once.

  5. Φ says:

    I admit that I didn’t get much traction on the Trump-as-Napoleon article. It’s difficult to take seriously an analysis of Trump’s rise that doesn’t mention “immigration” even once.

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