Something to file away. Bitzer is a professor in North Carolina and was a useful Twitter resource during both the South Carolina and North Carolina primaries.

Here is the full exit poll, which makes for useful comparison. It has varied from state to state, but it is definitely the case in North Carolina that the more educated a voter is, the less likely they are to vote for Trump. Even with that, though, it should be noted that he won 35% of college graduates and 30% of postgrads. In terms of income, he won mostly on the basis of those making $30-50k a year, though again did impressively across the board (and won among those who make more than $100k a year).

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  1. Michael Cain says:

    Man, I hate getting handed data sets like that. Amorphous blobs where most any line has comparably good fit. Blobs with a few outlying points that become enormously important in determining which line will be chosen. Even the basic analysis that least-squares is an appropriate tool gets tricky.

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