Since Clancy is out of town, I was thinking about renting the Star Wars part 1 & 2 and then watching the third this weekend at the theater. But, realistically, what are the odds that at least five people around here haven’t thought of the same thing and cleared out those particular items?

The only times I’ve not been behind on my movie watching are when I worked in a movie theater and when I was dating someone new. Beyond that, I’ve hated to go out and spend the money. More than that, I hate the idea of going to the movie theater alone. It’s probably the only public place I feel that way about.

Anyhow, when Lord of The Rings came out, it was no different. Though I did want to see the movie, I never actually made my way out to the theater. But Colosse had enough ultra-megaplexes that the movie stayed in theaters for almost a year. About ten months after its release, I caught a girl’s fancy and we went out to see the first film. It was pretty cool because about a month later I got to see the second one, before I forgot anything.

By the time the third one came out, I was able to see the Director’s Cut of the first two, thereby allowing dangling plots to start making sense.

I don’t think I ever planned a set of movies so well as I did that one. Except that it was unplanned. Which is probably why it worked out so well!

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2 Responses to Collating Sequels

  1. Becky says:

    Those were two movies you definitely had to see on the big screen.

  2. trumwill says:

    I only wish I could have seen the LOTR extended release in the theaters!

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