Wednesday, a serious bug must have gone around the office. Cause yesterday, an inordinate number of people didn’t show and a number of employees that did looked tired, warn out, and delirious, as though they were sick, too.

Go figure.

I actually still haven’t seen Part II yet. The original two came out when I was too young to watch and/or remember and I wasn’t able to completely follow the third cause I’d missed the first two, but I remember thinking that the Ewoks were pretty cool. I saw all three during their re-release to the theater and then I saw Phantom Menace when it came out.

Part of my lack of enthusiasm, I guess, was that it was never larger than life to me because I was so old by the time I saw it. They were good movies, but they were good in a wow-golly-gee sort of manner about as subtle as a sledgehammer. That’s why I’ve found criticisms of the Phantom Menace to be kind of odd. It seems like a lot of fans wanted the movie to grow up with them. But not having been a huge fan, I’m not sure if I’m the most qualified person to say that.

But though I haven’t seen the Sith movie, I have heard enough tidbits to comment on one particular aspect of it. If I am coming to the table with erroneous facts, please correct me. But anyway, when it’s a six movie saga, I can’t imagine it’s that hard to keep continuity straight. In fact, I would go as far as to say that there’s really no excuse for any continuity error, story-wise.

Additional Links:
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May 21, 1980 (Barry @ Inn of the Last Home)

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  1. Becky says:

    I have to agree with you Will on the assessment of hte original three. I, too, saw them on video tape much later and while I thought they were good, they haven’t had the same impact on me as those who saw it in the theatre as a kid. I compare it to the affect Lord of the Rings had on me, seeing the original movies in the theatre and wondering whether my kids will think it’s that great when watching it on DVD.

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