Joel Kotkin discusses the Geography of Inequality and how housing is exacerbating the two Americas. More from Wendell Cox.

Bjorn Lomborg argues that sometimes it’s not worth fighting third-world corruption.

Joseph Pearce writes of rescuing maidens from the dragon culture.

Eleanor Sharman explains how she became a victim of feminism.

It sure seems to me that the University of Idaho is headed for the Big Sky Conference. New Mexico State may have an easier time of it.

A liberal clerk of Scalia sings his praises.

Jack Smith investigates why batteries on ecigarettes, hoverboards, and other electronics keep exploding.

Are trafficked prostitutes victims or perpetrators of crime?

As far as “How to fix Twitter” suggestions go, these from Randi Harper seem really good. I think it’s important to allow pseudonymity, but favoring those who are willing to unmask – or at least submit their phone number to Twitter itself – seems prudent.

The $3,000,000,000,000 wealth transfer of the Oil Crash.

Companies tracking employee pregnancies seems creepy, but Emily Crockett says we shouldn’t be so freaked out.

George Packer investigates why leftists go right.

What can Bernie Sanders really do about mass incarceration? Ryan Cooper says that he can lead the way on bail reform.

In order to continue accepting welfare benefits, Utah may be requiring “Self-Reliance Training.”

Christian Jarrett reports that contrary to what we might think, our brains do better in the winter than the summer. I’d always thought that was the case for me, but I figured it had to do with being raised in the southern heat when winter is the only tolerable season and summer is exhausting in its very existence.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    $3 Trillion dollar wealth transfer!? Holy Schnikies! I hope the GOP are all over that, can’t be having money flowing from producers to consumers like that, it’s trickling the wrong way!

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