EatingInCoolerRelated to recent conversations around here, some union leaders are worried about Trump’s appeal to their rank-and-file.

Apparently, the four militia members in Oregon are interested in standing down – and Ammon Bundy wants them to but Cliven doesn’t – but don’t want to go to jail. That’s something they should have thought about before, I think.

I love this Ted Cruz snub video so much.

Oh my god there is a giant gas cloud that’s going to consume us all! Alternately, why we have about 30,000,000 years go get off this rock (and out of this galaxy).

I understand the point that Sumner is trying to make here, and I think that class bias is a part of it, but the other part of it is that college offers an easier mechanism for intervention. The mechanisms he refers to for the others are… more intrusive.

NPR lists out six alternatives to our current primary system. It’s no good having Iowa and New Hampshire hard-coded in, but I’ll take just about anything over a National Primary (or, really, any system that places undue importance on a handful of large states that might as well be their own countries). I favor the Ohio Plan (with some tinkering).

OPEC may have started a price war, but rich investors are going to make winning it hard.

Wendell Cox looks at the most and least housing-affordable cities in the world. USA! USA! USA! (Excluding California.)

Los Angeles City Council is combatting the dangers of second hand snuff. (Well, technically, I think this calls under the category of fourth-hand, the dangers of seeing people use tobacco products.)

Peter Suderman argues that Hollywood is stuck in expanded universes. I think such things have been a great advance, a form of continuation without the repetition of sequels.

A theater in Idaho is in hot water for serving alcohol at a Fifty Shades of Gray showing and may lose its liquor license. Eugene Volohk believes there’s a First Amendment case.

Teens aren’t so sure that there’s anything wrong with porn, but come down hard of failing to recycle.

The friendship between a goat and a tiger that warmed our hearts has come to a tragic end. Not that tragic! The goat is fine! The tiger just got tired of being bossed around is all.

The Dixie Chicks are finally on tour in the US again. The question being… is their divorce from country music final?

Stanford has a new pilot program to blend computer science and the humanities. Relatedly, a recent meta-analysis reveals the obvious, that college majors and personalities tend to be related.

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