Madonna’s video for Take a Bow is one of the all-time greats:

It puts a cool spin on the story of the song. It’s sensual without being pornographic (walking the line, anyway). A more obvious take might have been Madonna as Marilyn Monroe to a politician or somesuch. Which makes this more creative and memorable.

There was a follow-up to the video featuring the same bullfighter (Emilio Munoz):

Not quite as good, but still a good companion with the first. I’m not sure about Munoz’s acting abilities, but his wooden manner worked really well for this particular part.

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2 Responses to Let’s Have Some Madonna

  1. A 4 says:

    I liked how the color changes in the Madonna video, but thought the Madonna=bull metaphor was a bit heavy handed. And musically… So, it’s not for me.

    I did want, however, to thank you for posting Max Stalling a while back. He’s got some great stuff. I didn’t want to comment on the Paris post, because it was not appropriate.

    • trumwill says:

      Glad you like Stalling. He will always be the guy whose show I went to see the first time I ever saw my future wife. (A story she doesn’t like because my first thought of her was “What’s *her* problem?”)

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