awwwwAs we expand H2B visas, maybe we should consider helping relocate people to these sorts of opportunities?

The Alabama Supreme Court has declared void an adoption by a Lesbian couple. Unsurprisingly, this is going to the Supreme Court.

It’s unfortunate that this Kurt Schlichter piece is so hyperbolic and antagonistic, because underneath the tone is a really good point about the difficulty involved in any gun confiscation. As with unauthorized immigrants, it’s harder to take action when you consider when you consider what would have to be done. Of course, with guns, it becomes a lot easier with a registry.

Women who were fired for being pregnant scored a victory in the courts, though something of a modest one. Meanwhile, an MP in Britain is in trouble for threatening to fire a staff member for taking leave.

It’s hard to monetize being famous on the Internet, because people don’t want to pay for stuff and resent advertisements.

Rachel Lu argues that we no longer see children as regular people, and wonders when we might do so again.

Seattle’s rental market is weakening.

Meet the most bored prisoner in the world.

Gabrielle Glaser takes aim at Alcoholics Anonymous. I hear mixed things about its effectiveness, but I assume regardless it will endure because it makes for good television so it will probably always have popular culture at its back.

According to a new study, if we don’t want young people to smoke, we shouldn’t prohibit youth vaping. I’m… not quite on board with this (supporting an age limit), for what may just be kneejerk reasons or the internalized virtue of the compromise. Also, considering the ethics of ecigarette bans.

Steven Horwitz writes of the fragility of children… a hundred years ago.

Gothamists looks at the Bushwick Polyamory House.

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2 Responses to Linkluster Christmas in Manitoba

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    There are less hyperbolic essays that say the same thing. People look at the UK & Australia & think it’ll be just like that here.

  2. SFG says:

    While I suppose consenting adults can do what they want, polyamory scares the s*** out of me. You just know if it catches on rich guys are going to be marrying hundreds of women…leaving the rest of us high and dry.

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