Mr President, I know you're hard headed, but you'll never push the building with your cranium. Use your arms like Uncle Joe.

Mr President, I know you’re hard headed, but you’ll never push the building with your cranium. Use your arms like Uncle Joe.

I don’t know, this just doesn’t look accidental to me. At all.

The Facebook declaration by San Bernadino shooter Tashfeen Malik turned out to be mythical, but the prohibition on reading social media posts is in place and it’s honestly rather hard to defend.

Some want Scalia impeached for it, but John McWhorter says that he had a point about affirmative action and mismatch (at least, in certain disciplines). Meanwhile, Sigal Alon at The Nation argues that diversity destroyed affirmative action.

Vox Monday: Crap! Republicans and Democrats think that political identity is fair game for hatred! Vox Thursday: Science demonstrates conservatives buy into conspiracy theories because they’re paranoid cranks!

Ramesh Ponnuru looks at the selective accountability of heated rhetoric and violence.

In the new economy, extreme fiscal responsibility apparently makes you a pitiable asshole.

When it comes to pushing for looser immigrant worker visas, Corporate America really is its own worst enemy. Fortunately for them, they will win out because we all know who opposes immigration.

Woodrow Wilson wasn’t racist despite being a progressive. The two were related.

Donald Trump may have been helped rather than hurt by his Muslim comments. His approvals went up… among Democrats.

Speaking of polls, that one about Agrabah was kind of stacked. Be that as it may, it was successful both in partisan advance and in getting everyone talking about PPP. I expect to see more of this sort of thing.

An anti-war site formerly associated with Jeremy Corbyn is taking a lot of heat for some incendiary articles, including the appearance of: Blaming the west for Paris, praising Daesh’s internationalism, and making an exception of their “no war” policy when it comes to Israel.

Once upon a time, gun control advocates commanded a popular majority. So what happened? Well, tactics and the political map changed. Also, even though the perception of crime is that it’s gotten worse, perhaps the lower crime rates have been internalized to some extent. Whatever the case, people are opposed to the Assault Weapons Ban for the first time in polling history.

This doesn’t sound like a bad deal for a lot of people: Taste whisky… for science!

YouGov looks at what went wrong with the UK election polling, determining that 2/3 of it was expecting energetic young people to actually vote.

A former Romney staffer decided to “troll” a Trump-based focus book, and was pretty stunned and dispirited at what he found. Nate Silver says Trump won’t fade until his coverage does.

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4 Responses to Linkluster Pulaski

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    If police are not allowed to shoot a fleeing suspect that is not a clear & present danger to the public, why had the officer drawn his gun? Again, this is a troubling double standard. If I draw my gun & accidentally shoot someone who does not pose a reasonable threat to me or others, I’m going to be tried.

  2. SFG says:

    Great point about Progressivism and racism. People really forget that the bag of political opinions on each side changes over time. William Jennings Bryan was a Christian socialist. Progressives were into eugenics until Hitler screwed things up. The ‘Solid South’ was solidly Democratic, and Arthur Schlesinger wrote all sorts of books about how great the Democrats were for the little guy in the South.

    Heck, look at the way the Left is going after free speech on campus. Back in the sixties they were all for it.

    • trumwill says:

      Along these lines, a lot of people assume that conservative parts of the country supported Democrats despite rather than because of a lot of the today-wouldn’t-be-conservative stances.

    • greginak says:

      Racism was endemic to society during the progresive era and before and quite a bit after. It was an everybody thing.

      Bryant was a SoCon. At the time they fit into the D coalition. Not so much anymore.

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