Megan McArdle’s review of ‘Truth’ makes me wish they had made it in the style of The Informant, an underrated movie.

I hope that Anonymous might consider leaving UK than the medical profession. Montana and Idaho need you!

Peter Beinart argues that Jeb Bush’s tumble is proof that democracy is winning. I think the most underreported story this cycle is that campaign finance reform has worked so impressively this cycle.

My smartphone’s battery life has plummeted. I don’t have an iPhone, but is maybe Facebook responsible?

CVS is (at least temporarily) is scaling back its experiment with self-checkout. Virginia Postrel outlines why self-checkout is going to be an uphill climb.

I’m not gonna lie, a McDonald’s burger with a grey bun sounds intriguing to me.

In an interview with Russian astronauts, of course you ask how they will cope without men and makeup because that’s the important thing.

Former Alabama Democrat turn Virginia Republican turn Alabama Independent Artur Davis is not eligible to become an Alabama Democrat again right away.

Will electoral reform come to Canada? Trudeau favors it, but its time may have passed.

Hillary Clinton is fun.

Rugby… a game that makes soldiers, can honor indigenous culture, and has limited prospects in the US.

All he could say is that his life was pretty lame. I’m not sure any song captured the moment better than that one.

Raising Baby Hitler.

It looks like we will have Phil Collins to kick around again soon.

Woohoo! This is what the economy has long needed.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    In my experience, self-check-outs are something that work far worse than they should – about one time out of five that I use one, it locks up over SOMETHING (most recently: I was buying a card along with my groceries. I scanned the card, put it in the bag, and the scanner went YOU DIDN’T BAG THAT ITEM!!! and I didn’t hit the button saying IGNORE quite fast enough, and the whole thing locked up and I had to wait for an employee. And of course stores use them as an excuse to have minimal staff, so you wind up waiting….and then the employee felt she had to lecture me on ‘correct use’ of their infernal machines.)

    I’d be happier using self-check if I got a 5% discount or something, seeing as I am doing some of the work they used to pay a person to do.

    • trumwill says:

      The bagging thing is something they really need to work on. That’s one of the big things that prevent me from going self-checkout.

      It does seem like it’s gotten better over the last decade. But right now it still seems like they’re not committed. If they ever do commit, they will figure things out.

      • Peter says:

        The self checkouts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer work quite well, mainly because customers usually buy far fewer items than in supermarkets.

        • Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

          Orange or blue?

          In terms of overall shopping experience, I prefer blue to orange.

        • fillyjonk says:

          Yeah, that’s true. Especially for someone like me who tries to do the bulk of two weeks’ grocery shopping at one go. (I hate grocery shopping and try to do it as infrequently as possible).

          I think in general self-checkouts are better for few items. I know a few stores have signs posted indicating 20 items or fewer at them, but when there are two manned checkstands open and five people with full carts in line for each one, it’s hard NOT to say “Screw it, I’m doing self-check”

    • re: the bagging problem: I’ve found it helps to tap the place where the bag is, and at least the systems I use seem to interpret that as “they put the thing in the bag.” Not an ideal solution, but it seems to work.

      • fillyjonk says:

        Heh. Maybe I punch the bagging area, to symbolize my frustration at the whole idea of eliminating employees and getting customers to do their work for no discount.

        (What’s next? “Oh, just walk into the warehouse and open a case. Oh, here’s a box cutter, you might need it.”)

    • Michael Cain says:

      From a different direction on bagging, I use a ginormous canvas bag. Nine times out of ten, it holds everything I’m getting less giant light-weight objects like a package of paper towels. More accurately, it holds everything without crushing anything if I pack it. Recently I let the asst manager type herd me into the empty express lane. I paid and went to grab my stuff, only to find that the teenaged girl doing the bagging had put three items into the canvas bag and split the rest across three more plastic bags. I glared, took everything out, and repacked it all into my big canvas bag.

      More than anything, I go through the self-check because it’s the only reliable way for me to get to pack my own bag.

  2. Peter says:

    Rugby and football are complete opposites in the US. Football is a big sport in schools and colleges and of course the NFL is immensely popular. Yet amateur and semipro leagues for adults scarcely exist.
    Rugby has popular amateur leagues in most areas, but it’s not played in colleges or on a major professional level.

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