9:00: Wake up

9:30: Contemplate breakfast, decide to make a quick trip to Wendy’s rather than go downtown for Las Migas and the best breakfast burritos around. Wendy’s stops serving breakfast at 10:30, though, so I decide to get a move on.

9:40: Leave house.

9:50: Arrive at Wendy’s. Wendy’s is closed until noon for some parking lot renovation. Head for Migas

10:10: F Street is closed, have to take detour

10:20: Detour lands me all the way back at the freeway. No Las Migas for me. Head south of town to McDonald’s.

10:31: Arrive at McDonald’s. McDonald’s no longer serving breakfast. Head to International House of Pancakes

10:40: IHOP paking lot is full and the line figuratively goes around the building. It’s the post-church crowd and it looks like there’s probably a 45 minute wait. Decide to go to Happy Burger for some of their outstanding breakfast burritos.

10:55: Get in line at the Happy Burger.

11:01: I get to the counter, the breakfast menu is closed. Would I like a hamburger? I would not. Say “screw it” and go back to IHOP

11:10: Put my name on the list.

11:35: Get table

11:55: Get omlettes for breakfast lunch

12:10: Finish lunch

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