Social media and modern sensibilities: Unfriending is workplace bullying and sending too many follow requests harassment.

Credit where due: Alan Sepinwall admits when he is wrong, and a long time back he was very wrong about the prospects of a new show called CSI.

Zach Barnett argues that college football really needs to do something about the length of its games. It seems to me that keeping the clock running on first downs up to the last two minutes of each half would be a good place to start.

Kerry Howley explains the self-absorption of our response to the death of Cecil.

Lyft is going country, but Nashville is apparently especially susceptible to a robot invasion, coming to seize their jobs.

Tent cities in Tennessee: Should Nashville accept tent cities as a short-term approach to a lack of affordable housing? {via Chris}

Jack Hitt is not a fan of Paul Theroux’s new book on the South.

Utah is apparently adding a pretty significant “Doctor tax.”

Jews have gradually shifted in the public mind to being more white than not, but Gil Steinlauf wants that play called back.

The Economist reports that the “model minorities” may be losing patience.

In the UK, Mohammed Umar Farooq read a book about terrorism, which was declared a red flag that he might be a terrorist.

The Telegraphy denounces the EU as an oligarchy and says it’s time for the UK to leave.

No Offence causes offense.

Explained from the inside, how Jeremy Corbyn rocked the Labour Party.

It sucks when Americans don’t like your ethnic food and apparently when they do.

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2 Responses to Linkluster Honorius and Theodosius

  1. SFG says:

    Ugh. This Steinlauf dude pisses me off. I read anti-Semitic site after anti-Semitic site and half of it’s due to the endless, unflinching identification of Jews with the left. I really think half of it would go away if we’d stop jumping into every leftist cause on earth with our two feet.

    But what can I do? Absolutely nothing. Nobody listens to me, and if I joined a temple and started telling people this, who would pay attention?

    I can convert. I might still do so. But it won’t change the larger situation.

    • trumwill says:

      It’s out of my wheelhouse, obviously.

      I consider it something of a real indictment against whites that Jewish folks and Asians seem to feel as alienated from us as they do. I do sort of understand the need of Jewish people to be… wary (perhaps distant)… of the dominant culture (almost whatever the dominant culture happens to be).

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