There is a movie theater in Santomas that plays episodes of Lost and 24 live when they’re on the air. They legally can’t charge for entry for TV shows, but you get in with a $5 food voucher. This is one of those theaters where you can order food (popcorn, pizza, nachos, etc) and drinks (soft drinks and bottled or draft beer) from your seat. If you’ve never been to one, I recommend it. I never want to go to a regular theater again.

The problem is that the theater is in a very confusing part of town. It was a good thing that I left straight from work, because it took me about 90 minutes or so to get there. Some of that is because I was trying to use backroads during rush hour and I was driving a car where changing lanes to the left was really difficult because my turn signal was out. I should have known better. I got there at 6:30 and wouldn’t you know it, they were “sold” out. I thought about catching a movie while I was there, but wouldn’t you know it all four screens were sold out for the next two showings. On a weeknight, no less. If I could invest in these theaters, I would.

I got a burger at a nearby restaurant and headed home. I don’t know about you, but one thing I hate, hate, hate when driving is turning around and going the way I came. My drive home started with my being in the wrong lane. Any sane and rational person would have turned their butt around because I knew that by missing that turn I was going to head into a weird intersection where I was forced to take a right and would have to double back around to get back to the Interstate, which I knew that I would never do because I am somehow incapable of just taking a U-turn because I always think that I can navigate my way home.

So I went straight. Then I took the forced right. Then I took a left at a street that I knew lead to the interstate. Then I took a right at a road that I thought was going to lead straight to the Interstate. Somehow this right-left-right combination ended me up right back at the theater I had left forty minutes earlier.

This time I took the left that I needed to take, took a right on Interstate A and then another right on the interchange to Interstate A to Interstate B, and got home.

Without doubling back even once.

I rock.

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3 Responses to Lost in Santomas

  1. logtar says:

    I dislike those places because they put expectations way too high for me. I have been to one of them and you are right, when you go to another one you miss the comfort.

  2. Willard Lake says:

    In high school my parents asked me one night to pick something up at a craft store. Seriously, all you have to do is turn right onto a relatively straight road and follow it down to the store. Well, suffice it to say, an hour later I returned home… having driven aimlessly for forty five minutes looking for the thing. The bonus, though, was my parents never asked me to go run errands again. I also rock!

  3. trumwill says:

    Logtar, perhaps the best thing about the theaters is that they don’t cost any more than a regular theater. Since theaters in general make their money off concessions, they’re making their killing on the pizza and fried pickles and beer.

    Willard, there is an advantage to incompetence, no? I’m quite impressed with your ability to get lost in a town the size of Mocum.

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