brailConor Williams writes that liberal opposition to inequality ends where their schools begin.

If the NFL is dissatisfied with the training that quarterbacks are receiving in college, there is a rather straightforward solution to this.

Sometimes, TV shows have to either temporarily replace cast members or cute things up.

I had a dream about a particular ex-girlfriend after reading this Onion article.

Russell Saunders reports that science is getting closer to figuring out why some people just don’t die from smoking.

According to a new-ish Rand study, food deserts are not the cause of the obesity epidemic. Relatedly, poor people don’t eat more fast food than the rest of us.

This leaves me torn. On the one hand, aggressive copyright enforcement. On the other hand, memes. How do you pick a side in that one?

TNR explains how patent law is jacking up the costs of car repairs.

The state of Georgia cannot copyright its own laws.

The Microsoft Zune is no longer in production, and the subscription services are no longer available. So if you have one… now what?

Sunny Hundal argues that excessive British secularism is isolating British Muslims and feeding Daesh.

Whether you get formally married or not, the decision to long-haul it really ought to be made actively and not passively.

Shannon Chamberlain lost some serious weight, but don’t compliment her on it.

If we want to help minorities, maybe we should buy them a car.

The combination of automatic birthright citizenship and the requirements of expatriates to pay taxes makes for a troubling combination for young Americans born abroad.

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  1. Conor Williams writes that liberal opposition to inequality ends where their schools begin.

    As I jokingly noted, liberals don’t hate non-white people per se, but they prefer to hang around their well vetted, middle class counterparts, and not the lower classes. So they don’t freak out if there’s a bunch of like minded black families in their school district, but they’re unwilling to share their school with feral children of any race.

    • trumwill says:

      That’s one of my more cynical impressions, yeah.

    • J Hanley says:

      I’m inclined to agree with this. I don’t think liberals are the real racists, but I do think lots of liberals are very classist.

      I’m reminded of a friend who worked at an amusement park, who worried she was becoming racist, because some black customers had come in, and she just knew they were going to be troublesome. I just couldn’t fathom her actually being racist in that way, so I asked what it was about them that worried her before they’d committed any actions, and she referenced the way they were dressed–baggy clothing, etc.

      I then asked if there were other types of customers that she had such visceral negative reactions to, and immediately expected to be troublesome. “Yes,” she exclaimed,”those preppy kids in their polo shirts.”

      And that made sense to me–she was classist, not racist. And I’m pretty much like her. I don’t like the “feral” types, whether they’re lower class or upper/middle class.

  2. Peter says:

    Design patents may be part of the reason why auto body repairs have gotten so expensive, but the change from body-on-frame construction to unibody construction surely is a FAR bigger factor.

  3. Lowe says:

    The Onion link appears broken.

  4. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    food deserts are not the cause of the obesity epidemic.

    However food desserts are…

  5. J Hanley says:

    Since forever the NFL has used colleges as its farm system. Then college coaches figured out that their own goal was not to develop NFL players but to win games.

    • trumwill says:

      There was, for the longest time, a cultural disregard for playing college football different from professional. Even programs that wanted to win didn’t want to win that way and always seemed a little embarrassed when they had to “resort” to such things.

      Southern Tech got on the map by pushing two boundaries: First, they “resorted” to recruiting black players before anybody else did. Second, they “resorted” to innovative offenses.

      The program has never looked back on the first thing. On the second, though, it has historically not been uncommon for higher ups (both on the admin side and the booster side) to start wondering why we can’t just win with a respectable offense. So they hire some former NFL person, go “smashmouth”… and lose, because a school like Sotech has to be inventive to keep up with other schools that can more easily recruit better players.

      That’s changed in recent years.

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