Be free. Believe in nothing.

Be free. Believe in nothing.

So, as some suspected, it turns out that Tanya Cohen was not real after all.

Kevin D Williamson writes the editor notes that he wishes the New York Times foreign desk editor had written.

Anthony Weiner lasted only a couple weeks at a PR firm, only to be canned. The PR firm being a PR firm, they tried to minimize the conflict by suggesting it was mutual, but Weiener was having none of it.

Those Ashley Madison leaks sure were funny, weren’t they?

ICP vs FBI, cntd.

This bothers me more than the pig.

I was wondering about this: Deez Nuts may have committed a campaign violation.

Before Donald Trump ruined everything, Jeb Bush ruined everything.

Big Mountain Jesus emerges victorious against some atheists who wanted it gone.

In case there was any uncertainty, Kim Davis’s cause is a political loser, and actually threatens more credible cases. Also, in case you wondered what the marriage licenses look like.

So when can we start donating to Brian Mason’s County Clerk campaign? The slogan writes itself: “Mason ’18: He does his job.”

Meanwhile, in the next county over, the County Clerk is not Kim Davis.

Zaid Julani passes on a story of some Georgia cops refusing to move to a racist call, and explaining that no, they won’t investigate cases of a single white kid in a car full of non-whites.

Europe may be looking at wave upon wave of refugees.

According to Margaret Wente, Sweden is presently feeling the pinch, having some difficulty with assimilation and integration.

It’s… really hard to look at these pictures and come away with the belief that however things turn out, it’ll be bad. With neither the support to let them in, nor the resolve to keep them out, the result is inevitably that it’s going to be a long time before they feel close to being “home” at wherever they’re headed, but that also that’s where they’re nonetheless going to be.

Median household earnings for African-Americans are lower in Minnesota than Mississippi. This could be related to the refugee debate see also, Maine).

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  1. jhanley says:

    I’m generally opposed to religious monuments on public land, but the Big Mountain Jesus strikes me as non-problematic. If anything, it’s more closely associated with the ski resort than with the government or anything approaching the sacred.

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