So… is everyone nervous about the Super Duper Tuesday primaries tonight? Is anyone? Seems to me no matter who you support, you have reason to be nervous. Two candidates lining up for victory that could quite easily be derailed and two other candidates whose candidacies could be killed today. I suppose that today is one of those days that it’s good for the blood pressure to be apathetic or supporting a candidate with virtually no chance of winning.

On a sidenote, there was some maniac cutting back and forth through traffic today, incurring the wrath of all of the drivers. Why was he driving so maniacally? So that everyone could see his “Honk if you support Ron Paul” sign. I suppose that’s one way to drum up support. My coworker Roberto somewhere got the idea that the honkers may have been doing so because they were agitated and not because they support Mr. Paul because it was usually the drivers that he was cutting off at any given moment that were honking. My other coworker Pat thinks that they were supporting Mr. Paul and only the drivers that were getting cut off could read the sign. In an effort to avoid work, we discussed this for about ten minutes.

Many years ago George Bush was campaigning in Colosse and traffic was shut down by secret service during a jog. My friend Kaye’s husband voted for Bill Clinton. It was the first time he’d ever voted for a Democrat and I don’t think that Kaye has forgiven him for that to this day.

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