In the infamous Planned Parenthood videos, the organization feared the kinds of headlines that the New York Times might run if their actions were publicized. Turns out, they needn’t have worried.

Freddie deBoer has a couple of good pieces on some of the lefty tendencies towards ideological conformity.

The folks at 538 discuss their bets for the GOP nomination. For my part, I’d Buy Cruz (a lot), Rubio (some), Kasich (a little). Sell Jeb (some), Trump (to almost 0), Fiorina (to almost 0), Carson (to 0), Huck (to 0). (These odds laid down on 9/19)

I wonder what would happen if a kid took this clock to school.

The Clintons and Haiti.

My wife and I have been muttering on the small size of our recycling bin, but it turns out smaller may be better.

Here’s a nice story of a program in Tennessee to help foster kids adjust to their post-fostered lives.

John McWhorter argues that we need to start accepting a paradigm-shift in writing, that people are going to start writing more how they speak.

Behold, the accomplishment of the ramen noodle.

I am intrigued.

I am intrigued.

Tyler Cowen believes that Canada desperately needs a research and development cluster to stay relevant, going forward.

Here’s an interesting study on rats and empathy, which discovered that rates will forgo chocolate to save a drowning comrade.

I already knew this, but in case you didn’t: Don’t get sick or injured in July.

Aaron K defends the infamous Armored Daredevil costume. Though not perfect, I actually thought it was pretty great and a step up from the typical costume. On the other hand, I think the first Jean-Paul Valley Batman costume was superior to Bruce Wayne’s in every way, but at the same time it just wouldn’t have worked as a permanent costume. Maybe Armored Daredevil couldn’t work, either.

Money doesn’t equal happiness. When it comes to lawyers, at least.

Cracked looks at why modern CGI looks so crappy.

Paul Campos writes more on the subject of college costs.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Recycling – A good example of what happens when the public sees a service as a black box with “arbitrary rules” and obscured economics. I bet if you polled the public, a large percentage of people would think that recycling centers employ a small army to sort the recycling (& thus the trash as well), or they have some magic technology that does it (like the electronic eye & airpuff setup at the potato chip plant). What they do use is still pretty cool, given the economics, but the public is largely unaware.

    • aaron david says:

      Indeed, my wife will often put things into the recycling bin that aren’t recyclable, such as small bits of cloth or shoes. I think she does this because she feels those things should be recyclable also, no matter the economies.

      • Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

        If she truly wants to recycle clothes and shoes, there is normally bins located for such a purpose in the parking lots of supermarkets and churches. Or she could give them to Goodwill.

    • Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

      I find it ironic that making recycling easier has made recycling less lucrative.

  2. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    For those who missed it, Leonard Nimoy was the hammer at the 2015 Emmy Awards.

    Mike Nichols had the honor at the Oscars.

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