As we celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s term as the longest-reigning monarch, Seth Mandel explains why Americans are so fond of the Queen.

Who isn’t sold on Kim Davis’s plight?: Rod FrigginDreher isn’t.

I’d known, vaguely, that Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D-PA) was in trouble. I had no idea that the scandal was so weird, though.

Robert Greene II writes of the southern identity that Jimmy Carter and Julian Bond tried to forge.

Employers have to be careful not hire unauthorized immigrants, but not too careful, or it may cost them.

I missed out on what was probably my last chance to own an Amazon Fire Phone. Not that I really wanted one, but for $10-30? Yeah, I would have done that. Anyway, people gettin’ laid off.

trumpquizMichael Brendan Dougherty argues that immigration may be the definining issue of the 21st century. I think that’s probably more likely to be true than his belief that Romney and Mormons can save the GOP.

I bet this would be worth five points in the GOP primary in August a year before an election.

In an article about problems in the conservative coalition within the GOP, Daniel McCarthy and Nate Cohn make a point frequently made by Michael Cain, which is that establishment candidates win the GOP nomination on the shoulders of blue states.

The New Republic makes unexpected arguments against getting Syrians in (and also, in favor of Chris Christie against Bruce Springsteen), and against Kim Davis going to jail.

This piece on why Gulf States aren’t accepting Syrian refugees made me more rather than less sympathetic about inviting some here. And Syrians might prefer Europe to both the US and the Gulf States anyway.

If we’re looking for a relative success story for refugees of war, Bosnians in St Louis may be an example that could give Detroit hope.

Germany is getting a lot of good press for taking in so many refugees, but some of it may be that they so desperately need young people. And UK, for all of its faults, may be putting itself at a disadvantage by going about it in the more morally admirable way.

In what has to be the most obvious headline of 2015, the New York Times fears that the influx of refugees might help the far-right politically. Ya think?

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5 Responses to Linkluster CDII

  1. oscar.gordon says:

    Good to see Rod has his head on straight.

  2. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    1) 402 is CDII. Remember you can never have the same letter four times in a row.

    2) The Queen was featured in the greatest Tweet ever.

  3. jhanley says:

    That New Republic article is bizarre. It lacks any coherent thesis. It focuses on whether we should be helping Europe or not, rather than on whether we should be helping refugees. And part of its justification for not helping people is that we have a byzantine system for refugees that can leave them in limbo for many years…which is a better argument for changing the system than for not helping people.

    I’ve never liked the New Republic, but I’ve rarely read an article from them that is so wildly under-developed.

  4. SFG says:

    Eh, you can always take the position that immigration can be useful, but has to be shut off periodically to allow the new arrivals time to assimilate.

    I’ve seen the ‘immigrants are always good!’ (Democrat) and ‘all immigrants are bad!’ (far-right Republican) position, but never the position that it should be varied at different points in history, which seems to be the American pattern that’s actually worked quite well. I’m fine with building a wall across the border with Mexico now, even if we have to take it down later. Hey, we could use some construction jobs.

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