Tonight I spent 4 hours watching two movies back-to-back on Lifetime.

The first one was about a babysitter that got involved with her employer whose wife ended up dead. At first I thought that the babysitter did it, but no it was the employer and there was a big sequence at the end where he was trying to hunt her down. I missed the beginning of the movie and didn’t realize that I was watching Lifetime. If I’d known I was watching Lifetime, of course, I’d know that the woman couldn’t have done it and that it must have been the man. The wife from The Cosby Show played a detective, the actress for Felicity (prior to her stint as Felicity) was the babysitter, and the pastor-dad from 7th Heaven was the bad guy.

The second movie starred someone familiar with Harry Hamlin of LA Law. Hamlin was a sex addict and it was about whatsername trying to help him through the ordeal. I initially started watching cause I wanted to see her bust him. By the time she busted him for good the movie was halfway through and I was watching by inertia. The satellite went out so I didn’t see the end.

The lesson I learned watching movies on Lifetime is that women like guys that are psycho-killers or sex addicts. I wish I’d known that when I was younger…

(Yes, I’m totally kidding. Not about the movies or the wasted time, though)

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