Sonny Bunch blames the rise of Donald Trump on pop culture and professional wrestling.

In Ferguson, some Oath Keepers decided to arm black protesters in solidarity.

Vice asks the very Vicey question: What are things going to be like for Jared Fogle behind bars?

When more than half of the stadium was empty, I thought that might register with media depiction of the event, but the media keeps letting him pretend the stadium was full.

Contrary to the claims of Trump and other lefty weirdos, Jeb Bush’s PAC did not actually photoshop him on to a black guy, and it was kind of a weird theory to begin with.

In the tenth anniversary of Katrina, Owen Courreges wishes that people would stop calling New Orleans better after the disaster.

I’m on board with re-evaluating the Confederate Flag and other things, but this is silly.

A bear poking its head through a doggie door? I’m going with scary.

A millionaire in the UK is fined after recycling gravestones for his patio.

South Carolina passed some rigid laws to prevent pesky calls, but a recent court decision has placed it in jeopardy.

George Orwell recently turned 110, and a Dutch Artist celebrated by putting party hats in surveillance cameras.

Even if they’ve made the long transition from scourge to the cute mascot of anti-global warming efforts, maybe you should hunt polar bears because polar bears will hunt you.

A couple that was getting it on fell in a moat and died.

You have maybe seen the videos of the bears playing in the pool. Uncle Steve makes a good point, which is that while it may be an exotic novelty to most, it’s probably a common plague to them.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    Based on some of the news items (and news commentary) lately (like the Jeb Bush hand thing), I’m more and more leaning toward the Berenst#in Bears theory that we’ve jumped the groove into a slightly weirder and less-comprehensible alternate universe than what we formerly inhabited.

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    I know Norwegians in the north rarely travel without a rifle because of hungry polar bears.

    People forget they are apex predators, and we are still made of meat.

  3. JHanley says:

    Re: Jeb Bush. I’m no expert, but that supposedly explanatory photo looks badly photoshopped to me. Zoom in and look at his left arm…or what remains of it.

    And again, I’m no expert, but “Why Jeb?” seems like a really bad slogan, because as a matter of fact, I’ve been thinking, “Why, Jeb?” all along.

    • trumwill says:

      So you think they took the photoshopped Jeb and photoshopped him into the picture with the women?

      That’s… possible, I guess. If so, they did better than I could have (looking at the right shoulder, and Jeb’s head. They also chose a great picture because the light angles look right to be, as well.

      • JHanley says:

        Try holding your left hand to your hip in such a way that your arm is as tight to your body as his would have to be in that picture. It’s a very awkward position.

        And that hand looks weirdly different from his other hand. I don’t think it being shadowed is sufficient to explain it.

        Also, his body in the ad looks bigger than he normally does.

        It’s a weird thing, but I’m not persuaded it’s a weird theory because he just doesn’t look right.

  4. JHanley says:

    Re: Bears in pools.

    If it’s a common nuisance, there’s a real simple solution, which in many states is already required by law for child safety reasons, and which is a good idea for legal purposes because a pool is an attractive nuisance under common law principles.

    • Trumwill says:

      A fence?

      • JHanley says:


        If you have a pool in your yard and don’t have it fenced in, you might as well hang out a sign that says “hey, neighborhood kids, please be stupid then sue me.”

        • JHanley says:

          But, by the way, never put out a sign that says “Beware of Dog.” It’s a preemptive admission that you know your dog’s dangerous.

        • Can’t bears climb fences? I don’t really know, but I just assumed they could. Not that having a fence around a pool isn’t a good idea anyway.

        • J Hanley says:

          Some fences they could climb more easily than others.

        • trumwill says:

          Such a restriction would make sense in an urban or suburban setting, though less so in what this looks like, which is more of a hut on an acre.

        • trumwill says:

          I did consider a sign for the dog in Arapaho saying that the dog is an aggressive licker.mostly do that people would be mindful they there is a dog and to keep the gate closed.

        • Michael Cain says:

          Black bears are generally excellent climbers. They are also immensely strong and can tear their way through/into a wide variety of things. In parts of the Rockies, leaving food leftovers in your car parked outside is an invitation to thousands of dollars of damage when they break in.

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