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Alia Wong looks at the history of Sesame Street, and what we did and didn’t learn from it.

As someone for whom DSL is the only broadband option available, reports of the demise of DSL are disturbing.

Women are less likely to be exonerated of their crimes. Why? Sometimes, there was no crime.

The Yakuza has an age problem.

Wolf-Coyote Hybrids are migrating to cities.

School districts are scrambling to hire teachers.

“About fifty-four per cent of [liberal arts] graduate students report feeling so depressed they have “a hard time functioning, as opposed to ten per cent of the general population.”

Evidently, your cell phone battery can be used to track you.

Aww, Canada, we 2/3 like you, too! Philippines! And Germany, you break my heart.

An… enterprising individual figured out how to use 23andme’s website to allow webmasters to block people from websites on the basis of their ancestry.

Vox has some interesting energy maps.

Unleash the power of your brain using brain drumps.

Good news! Colonizing the moon may be easier than expected!

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10 Responses to Linkluster Terry Forster

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Not surprising that libertarians are concentrated in the western states.

  2. Michael Cain says:

    18 or so years ago I was a systems analyst and applied researcher in local high-speed data service for the only big telecom company that operated both fiber-coax cable systems and twisted-pair telephony systems. When the company split, I was one of the few who got to decide which way to go. Even then it was clear that the cable side’s tech was going to be more flexible, and I opted to go that way. I only follow the details loosely these days, but there’s no evidence that the situation has changed, except perhaps in rich dense suburbs.

  3. Dr X says:

    Didn’t realize there are coyote-wolf hybrids, but makes sense. I wonder about this one I photographed in Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago. It seemed larger than most I’ve seen. Another smaller coyote was nearby.

    • trumwill says:

      Gah! Lisby chased a fox the other day, but that’s about as exciting as I’ve seen.

      • Dr X says:

        The Chicago burbs were crawling with coyotes a few years ago. A lot turned up in the city, too. Weirdest case, a coyote walked into a Quiznos sandwich shop in downtown Chicago (the Loop) and climbed into a beverage fridge.

        Working in the burbs, I had a sighting or two a week, especially around a forest preserve I used to pass through. Twice I came within a few feet of running one down with my car. Last couple of years, though, I haven’t spotted any. They’re still out there, but I’ve wondered if the population has declined a bit.

  4. Oscar Gordon says:

    I would think that deploying more than one prospector robot to the moon would be in order.

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