If I were to vote in Estacado in the primaries, would I be able to vote in another state in the general election? I’d think so since I wouldn’t be voting twice in the same election, but I’m not positive on that. Voting absentee in Estacado in November also strikes me as problematic if I’ve officially changed residence. Would I be disenfranchising myself by moving?

You guys want to know a bit of irony? Clancy has refrained from getting an Estacado Driver’s License thus far is now has to scramble and get one because she’s about to start a long haul temporary job in another state (Sierra). Her license is due to expire while she’s out there. She has to get it done today because she leaves Sunday.

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  1. Abel says:

    Every state has different residency requirements. In Utah you have to have an address 30 days before an election to register. I doubt they care if you’ve voted elsewhere in the primaries.

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