diedfightingAccording to a report from the FRB-NY, federal student loans and grants don’t increase enrollment, but do increase price tags.

Reihan Salam argues that Mexican immigrants have more to fear from the US than vice-versa. Or as Orin Judd likes to say, we’re importing the superior culture. (An old college professor had a similar line, that immigrants are wonderfully used until we drag them down to our level.)

Some Russian Nationalists want to fly the flag of the Tsarist imperial standard. I can’t speak to the history, but it’s certainly a cooler flag than their present one. (For that matter, the so was the Soviet flag.

Here’s an interesting idea: An Oklahoma school system seeks to deal with a budget crunch and a teacher shortage by condensing the school schedule.

This is the #1 reason – and indicator – that it will be a very, very long time before we see a United States of Europe.

War or no war, the Slave Economy was in for a lot of hurt.

Tom Selleck and the White Tattoo Guy have been vindicated!

David Whitlock makes the case against foul ball nets in baseball. I think #2 and #4 are especially strong points, and that #2 helps push along #1 and #3.

Idaho is down to one full-time federal judge.

A woman in the UK had to legally change her name to be able to log in to Facebook.

The TPP could have some bad consequences for generic drug availability.

Desperate migrants are trying and dying to swim across the English Channel from France to England. I asked Matt Feeney, who gave supplied the link, why immigrants consider the UK so much better than France, and he sent me this.

Some people seem rather upset that Charlie Hebdo has announced that it won’t be doing anymore Mohammed cartoons. I am glad that they didn’t back down at the time, but the attacks did not impose a requirement that they produce these comics indefinitely.

It’s really quite remarkable to me that they’re going forward with the movie valorizing the Bush-TANG debacle. What has me a bit concerned is that it might work.

Color me a bit surprised: In the UK, seven in ten homes that had the decision to filter out pornographic content chose to do so.

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