realnamesTechnology Review writes about the emerging science of human computation.

Stowe Boyd writes of the emergence of algorithmic HR.

It’s not just the US! Journalists all over Scandinavia lean heavily to the left.

… which, a British sort, perhaps is what gives rise to outfits like The Daily Mail.

IJR points out that 68 public university presidents make more than the President of the United States. And yet, university presidents have employees who make a lot more than they do.

Lelia Shevtsova looks at Russia’s alleged Weimar Syndrome, mentioned last year by Roger Cohen.

Andrew Orlowski is concerned that EU copyright plans will drown Europe in a worthless pop culture. I can sort of understand where he’s coming from, but targeted international release dates are a losing proposition anyway.

Jan Chipchase looks at unexpected ways self-driving automobiles might play out in our daily lives. An example: [M]asturbating in an autonomous vehicle while driving will be a far more practical use case, but is not something that corporates are going to talk about any time soon.

A water park in Japan lets you play with, eat dolphins.

When my mother-in-law was last in town, she used MapQuest to map her way to the airport. Apparently, MapQuest still exists! (Their Android App is pretty useless.)

Alex Tabarrok takes issue with Ursula K Le Guin’s anti-Amazon screed, and makes a good place.

This Eric Posner chart sheds some light about why conservatives are so paranoid about Supreme Court picks. A part of me wonders if Roberts and Kennedy see the writing on the wall, regarding the court’s future, and are hoping by playing nice now the future liberal court will play nice when they are in the majority.

I made a bit of a joke a while back about Elian Gonzales getting on to Facebook when he “gets enough Internet”, but Cuba’s Internet problem is serious.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    I love the map of real names. I got a copy of that for my wife some years ago,

  2. greginak says:

    Re: Self driving cars

  3. Michael Cain says:

    WRT Kennedy, I have long said that a moderate conservative justice whose upbringing, schooling, and legal career were spent in the West simply has different notions about how to interpret the law. The same thought applies to Sandra Day O’Connor’s time on the Court, where conservatives regarded her as unreliable. The only thing in the world that Clarance Thomas and I may agree on is that overloading the Court with Ivy League-educated lawyers who have spent essentially their entire legal careers in the BosWash urban corridor has consequences, some of them bad.

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