I’ve mentioned here and there that we’re going on a trip, and so we are! To Alaska, where my sister-in-law Ellie will be getting married for the third and we hope joyfully permanent time.

This will be the first trip we’ve taken in 2015. I’m looking forward to seeing the in-laws, and looking forward to the weather, but am really not looking forward to the flights, which will involve two days in each direction. The flight from Dulles (yay!) to Zaulem will be be direct, which is better than adding a fourth leg to the flight but but is an awfully long time to spend in a plane. We’ll be spending the night in Zaulem and then on to Anchorage and then Fairbanks. It’ll be our first time in Zaulem since we moved away, though it’ll pretty much be a matter of going to a hotel room and then back to the airport.

We don’t fly exceptionally well as a family. The ways in which my personality’s and Clancy’s clash are accentuated with every phase of such transportation. Kids, it turns out, make transportation more complicated. Unfortunately, we live just far enough away from the family (nevermind Alaska!) that driving is also extremely rough.

It’s almost enough to make me a fan of rail…

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  1. Have fun and good luck!

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Enjoy the trip.

    I think the stressful parts of travel bring out the not-so-great parts of a person’s personality. (I remember having a crying fit in an airport over a badly delayed flight….)

  3. James Hanley says:

    It’s a beautiful state. I hope you’re able to get a good look at at least a bit of it.

    I’m lucky in that my wife and, and our kids, generally travel well together. The exception is when driving, where she wants the direct route that gets us there expeditiously, while I like to meander. But by air or rail (and we all like rail), that’s not really an issue.

  4. but is an awfully long time to spend in a plane

    Really? I’ve done the 7 and 8 hour runs to Europe, but I’m childless.

    It’s almost enough to make me a fan of rail…


    Snicker. 🙂

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