webmaster: ok… ack

webmaster: this stupid nuvaprim fake-fench-accent-you-american-women-are-so-pretty ad… if I hear it one more time I swear I’m going to throw something at my radio

webmaster: which is unfortunate given that I’m listening to streaming online radio at the moment

trumwill: Not familiar with the ad. I suspect I should be thankful.

webmaster: you really, really should

webmaster: it’s an ad for a cream for women to rub on their legs with which to hide wrinkles and spider veins and stuff

webmaster: and it’s got a cheesy, cheesy guy doing a fake french accent talking about how he wants to send a free bottle because american women are “so beautiful” and he wants to make them even more so just like european women… yikes

trumwill: Whatever… as long as they continue to shave their armpits.

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