alienvspredatorGoogle is repurposing a coal plant in Alabama to be a new data center.

From Brother Judd: All Anglospheric Politics Is Indentical.

The HUD SCOTUS ruling was a policy victory for the left, but could create problems politically.

I thought the incline/decline in Western Wyoming was rough, but this puts that to shame.

Somewhere along the way, adults and coloring books became a thing.

Here is a thought: If someone goes so far as to change their name to avoid undue public attention, how about we do not actually publicize their new name?

Churches are often told they need to liberalize in order to avoid irrelevance, but Alexander Griswold argues that liberalization leads to irrelevance. Along similar lines, Mollie Hemingway is sadly correct when she criticizes the New York Times for calling United Church of Christ (and the Episcopal Church) “major denominations.”

David Cameron is doing a good job of making me think maybe I’d be a Liberal Democrat.

If the lights went out, here is what some cities would look like.

On efforts to create a music triangle in the South.

The gaps in which being human happens

Welcome to Pariahville, a city of refuge in Florida for sex offenders.

Lisa Endlich Hefferman defends the Mommy Track.

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4 Responses to Linkluster Jeremy Reeds

  1. Lightening Rod says:

    Your third to the last link doesn’t work. The one about gaps.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    The “coloring books for adults” – as a teen (late 1980s), I had some mathematical/geometric themed books. The designs were like complex patchwork patterns. The idea was you could color them however you wanted. (I did them mostly as mandalas, as I remember – radiating rings of similar colors/patterning). I’m not sure it’s so very new.

    The snark about it, sadly, does seem to be kind of new. Why should we care what someone does in their free time if it isn’t hurting someone else?

  3. Oscar Gordon says:

    Re: HUD

    83%? Seriously? Yeah, gonna have to tread very carefully there.

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