Motorola-wedding-MGEducational software for children should be aimed at children and not parents and educators. Did anyone else here ever play Spies in Europe? It was a predecessor to Carmen San Diego. Fond memories, from which I learned all about Europe.

When you’re wrong, you can always convince yourself you’re right.

The “Florida Man” phenomenon is more a product of Florida’s open government laws than anything to do with the Sunshine State.

When it comes to flipped houses, buyer beware. We found out our house was quasi-flipped some time after we bought it. Oh, and that a dog was left to starve in our basement after an acrimonious divorce.

At least arguably, the best and most cost-effective way of dealing with the homeless is to give them housing. Too bad you could never get Republicans on board with the idea.

On the other hand, half of state housing in New Zealand tested positive for meth.

Do fetuses feel pain? It’s complicated.

Mormons pay their debts. Their student debts if they went to BYU, at any rate. Other praiseworthy schools: Vassar, Harvey Mudd, and Notre Dame.

Have recent studies and reports exaggerated the prevalence of racism?

Here’s a really cool map of population growth/loss trends in Europe. It’s interesting how uniform growth is in France and the UK (and Ireland!).

Here’s an interesting concept. Safety Trucks that allow people behind trucks to see what’s in front of it.

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6 Responses to Linkluster Northern Florida

  1. Peter says:

    Very interesting European population map. Almost all of the former East Germany shows up as an area of population loss, except for Berlin, and the Balkan are really losing people.

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    The racial article is sobering.

  3. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    I don’t understand your comment Over There that you’re “still working through Mockingbird”. The book is 55 years old.

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