Considering that it’s Thanksgiving and I’m with the folks, posting will not resume until next week.

In the meantime, if you have to have a trumwill fix, I’ve been meaning to mention that I have been assisting Bob Vis over at his blog while he’s been doing thesis work. The posts over there consist of issues that are more divisive in tone than I like to keep things at Hit Coffee. I’ve written three thus far:

Who Tha Daddy? (11/19/07): An open-ended look at how the law should handle paternity when the husband of the mother and assumed father of the child or children is not actually the father.

Free Speech & Nuisance (11/6/07): When does free speech become nuisance? Does free speech guarantee the right to be heard (or seen, in the cases mentioned) by people that don’t consent to it?

More of Less Human: The Abortion Divide (10/11/07): A post about abortion. I don’t make the case for the pro-life or pro-choice point of view but rather look at what I perceive to be the differences between how each side says they approach the issue and how each side actually seems to.

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  1. bobvis says:

    “Divisive”. Is that a euphemism for the blog in general? 🙂

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