Varad Mehta says that we can’t let the Wookies win, but Anthony Domanico disagrees.

Emma Pierson contemplates being an affirmative action admit.

A report suggests that Austin needs to increase the number of granny flats.

A couple years ago, Sweden instituted a program to text people who knew CPR when there is someone around who needs it, and now they’re texting blood donors when their donated blood is used.

Jane The Actuary looks at College For All, Lee Siegel, and path dependency, with an eye towards Europe’s different expectations for its college-bound than we have.

Whenever there is a breakout at the zoo, it’s only the flamingos that get away. Here’s why.

It looks like Terry Pratchett will have no successor to write the Discworld novels.

Good walls make good coworkers. I actually found, over the years, that I prefer cubicles to offices and prefer the open environment to a closed one. This is, for me, quite odd.

Here are the eight strictest states when it comes to homeschooling. North Dakota, I’m disappointed in you.

In Mansfield, Ohio, Stranger Danger training has possibly saved children from a nefarious man who got out of his car to wave to his children.

InsideClimate News wonders why TV meteorologists don’t believe in climate change. Jose Duarte says that the “97% consensus” on climate change is closer to 80%.

Relatedly, Francie Diep looks at physicians who don’t believe in evolution.

If you’ve lived or work there, Minnesota may owe you money. But if so, they aren’t telling. Some of y’all may recall a few years ago I found out Deltona owed me money (somewhere between $100-200, if I recall). I found out about it shortly before I found out that it was going to claim it outright.

The Atlantic looks at what it would take to double a cell phone’s battery life. Getting to 24 hours with intense use is something that absolutely happens. If you want to take away my removable batter, you absolutely need to do that first. If Samsung hasn’t by the time I need a phone, I may have to get LG (assuming they don’t flip).

Wall Street Journal looks at how colleges are struggling with Chinese student application fraud.

Meanwhile, Asian-Americans are suing Harvard and hiring consultants to tell them to downplay the whole ‘coming from Vietnam with $2 in a rickety boat and swimming away from sharks’ thing. (Perhaps swimming lessons are a mark of privilege…)

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    I think every time someone starts talking about free college in the US, just like Europe, I’m gonna link that.

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