imwithstupidAndy Pascal went to his summer house in Romania and discovered it had been replaced by a cornfield. More on the history of house theft.

ThinkProgress has a good story on an Imam talking kids out of joining ISIS.

Ricardo Hausmann argue that the relationship between education and economic progress is more mixed than we think.

North Dakota is welcoming Uber with open arms, and would frankly welcome some poop.

Jonathan Manthorpe explains how foreign investment in has changed Vancouver, hitching the fate of the city to the fate of China.

There’s not much particularly novel in this Glenn Reynolds piece on the cost of higher education, but I hadn’t heard this statistic before: Cal Poly in Pamona has one administrator for every two students.

Sonny Bunch applauds Mike Judge for keeping the liberal agenda out of his work.

So happens when a Jihadi returns home?

Housing in some suburbs are being consolidated, swallowing up multiple more modest homes to make room for mansions. One of the reasons that inequality is more felt in urban and land-scarce areas than elsewhere. {More}

A website is creating a blacklist of Pro-Palestinian activists.

Foreign investment in France is seeing record-highs, but employment law and costs may be holding back employment.

Black solar cells are pretty cool, for both aesthetic and technical reasons, and they’re advancing.

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