My job requires that I spend much of my time using touchscreen monitors, which is something of a new experience. Adding to my immersion into the touchscreen world, shortly after starting at Monmark/Soyokaze, I purchased my first Pocket PC which uses a stylus with a touchscreen.

It’s taken quite a bit of getting used to. The first tripping point that I experienced was when I tried to “right-click” on things using my middle finger and it kept acting like I was left-clicking it with my index finger. Obviously, I know that it can’t tell one finger from the other, but I had to rethink my right-clicking ways.

Now I’ve swung in the other direction. I’ve gotten so used to touchscreen that I find myself touching my regular monitors. Just a minute ago I tried pressing on a separate Firefox tab and momentarily got frustrated when it just wouldn’t click.

For a smart guy, I’m kind of dumb sometimes.

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