startrekwarsOne of the result of family-friendly policies is that women end up being paid less. Whenever Clancy interviewed for a job, I was always concerned that they would see her as a woman of reproductive age – with not a lot of time to spare – who would need some time off in the near future.

I was really surprised to discover that there was a lyme vaccination for our dog, since I knew that there wasn’t for people. Turns out that there is and we just can’t get it either because of anti-vaxxers or market failure.

Solar-powered airplane? Cool.

Erica Barnett looks at new rules in Seattle that would serve to limit density.

Has Silicon Valley been displaced by Austin?

Marshall Islands, where the US tested our nuclear weapons, is suing the nuclear-superpower world.

Men are more likely than women to be down with the idea of being time-traveling assassins.

Thirty embarrassing facts about thirty cities or so. I actually only knew about The Strip not being in Las Vegas proper because of UNLV being in the same townlet.

Average SAT scores and graduation rates track very, very closely (in California).

Danny Resnic contracted HIV, and has made it his life’s mission to build a better condom.

The Science of Ouch: Why it hurts so much when you stub your @$*@ing toe.

Some of those cute animal photographs you see have kind of a dark background.

I thought that everybody knew that Disney ripped off the Lion King?

Andrew Stuttaford argues that with regard to Snus, anti-tobacco advocates are putting purity and dogma before safety and science. What’s particularly frustrating about some of these prohibitions is that they prevent companies from advertising their product for what we want people to use it for: smoking cessation.

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  1. SFG says:

    Hey trumwill! Hope everything’s cool.

    Women being paid less: Ideally I’d love to see people just be able to pick which track they wanted to be on–women could be paid as much if they were willing to put in the hours. Unfortunately, people then change their minds, and while women have some freedom in this regard, nobody wants to marry a househusband. (Sounds like you lucked out in this regard! I’m impressed it happened at a conservative political conference, too…)

    If you have more people, you wind up with either density or sprawl. I prefer density, but I’m the only one! It also winds up taking on political coloring, because people in dense cities (whatever their skin color) seem to vote Democrat a lot more.

    As for the condom thing, I have a fairly depressing story, but not sure if it’s a little too R-rated for your blog.

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    I love me some anti-vaxxers, so much I think we should be able to bring class action lawsuits against them.

  3. Michael Cain says:

    When I looked at the results for Colorado, there was even less spread around the line. Not entirely unexpected because there were fewer schools. The one outlier was School of Mines, the state’s premier engineering and applied science school, with a lower graduation rate than its students’ SAT scores would suggest. I see that Caltech and MIT “underperform” in similar manner. I suspect that none of them actually underperform, but that they all have more than the usual number of students who finish and graduate elsewhere.

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