The blog Kissing Susie Kolber has a great, foul-mouthed post listing the obnoxious nature of Boston fans. This one is the big one:

11. Adopt the attitude that you, yes you, DESERVE this success. “Hey, we Pats fans know how it used to be back in the day. We earned these titles.” Don’t treat your team’s good fortune as the stroke of good fortune it happens to be. No, no, no. Your championship has to be deeper then someone else’s championship. It has to mean something more. Why? Because you fancy yourself as being introspective. {censored}. Treat it like some sort of karmic reward for Len Bias dying, or some other twisted, idiotic explanation.

Back when both the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs were in their respective league championships, I was one of the relatively few rooting against both teams because I got so sick and tired of all of the stories about how these poor teams have had it so rough. It was hard to deny the Chicago Cubs their pain, but the Boston Red Sox had so much less to complain about. They made the World Series in 1986 and almost won it. They put up more winning records than losing records and aren’t a case like the Buffalo Bills were for a stretch wherein they make it to the championship but just can’t win it. They are a team, like the 30-some-odd other teams.

The year after the Red Sox won it all, the Chicago White Sox did. There was no grand theory about how accursed this team was even though they had gone two years longer than the Red Sox without winning a World Series. The Milwaukee Brewers have posted exactly one winning record in the last fifteen years, the Pittsburgh Pirates last posted a winning record in 1992, and a handful of teams have never won a World Series in the history of their franchise (granted, it’s mostly teams from 1960 and after, but even so that’s coming on 40 years). Yet it’s the poor, poor Boston fans we’re supposed to feel good for because that scrappy young team of 100+ years and one of the better records in MLB history finally got their championship.

I actually have nothing against the Patriots or the Celtics except for the contaminated fan-pool.

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2 Responses to Why I’m Rooting For The Rockies

  1. Abel says:

    Go Tigers!

  2. trumwill says:

    The Tigers I don’t mind rooting for. Heaven knows that Detroit needs all the good news it can get.

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