hotbreakfastStudents attempting to strip a state senator of his college degree for skepticism of global warming were unsuccessful.

Ronald Nelson, a Memphis high school student, was accepted into every Ivy League school. He chose the University of Alabama.

Carols Lozada explains why conservatives give better commencement addresses than liberals.

States (like Connecticut) are often looking for a good excuse to go after homeschooling parents, and some Michigan legislators think they may have found one, and combined with recent events in North Carolina and revelations in Arkansas leave me concerned that “We need to crack down on homeschooling so the government can keep a closer eye on kids” is going to be a more oft-used argument.

Sady Doyle argues that interconnectivity and branding is ruining the Marvel popcorn movies.

I find this “Startup Castle” – with rules for residents covering everything from tattoos to exercise – to be intriguing. Though very much in a “not for me” way.

Freddie really put his finger on what sometimes causes me discomfort with the way that some people gush of Ta-Nehisi Coates.

David Lynch is back on board Twin Peaks. has been hacked. If exposed, divorces likely to follow…

A Mormon Temple in West LA is letting its lawn go brown. Brown lawns have a bad rap.

I don’t object to swapping out Andrew Jackson’s mug from our $20, or with Harriet Tubman being on a bill (or coin), though I am hoping that we hold out for a currency overhaul.

According to a new lawsuit, a veteran committed suicide after being given a terminal misdiagnosis by the VA. Also in Arizona, a suicide with a message, in front of a VA hospital.

Sometimes, compared to the alternatives in oil transportation, Pipelines aren’t so bad.

Chicago’s bond rating is now junk.

California farmers are starting to see the writing on the wall, and are offering to cut water usage by 25%.

Reddit users may be wondering “How did Cameron win? Nobody I know voted for him.”

Martin O’Malley is trying to suss out his position the The War… of 1812.

SurveyMonkey correctly called the UK election that others missed. Their different methodology could prove to be very important at cutting through American equivalents of Shy Tory and partisan weighing. Also, the importance of presidential non-candidate Emily Farris.

Obaman-turn-Tory (not quite) Jim Messina has some advice and warnings for the GOP. While most free advice from people who would never vote for your party is worth exactly what you pay for it, Marco Rubio should pin this on his wall.

Robert E. Kelly says that the Obama administration, like Japan, is getting tired of South Korea’s fixation on past wrongs.

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  1. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    Ronald Nelson … University of Alabama

    The Ivies are VERY generous with financial aid, so if his parents can’t afford it, they are n-rich.

    • superdestroyer says:

      The Ivies average around 10% of their students being eligible for Pell GRants. I would assume that more than 50% of the students at Harvard are paying full retail value since more than 50% attend private schools in the U.S. and that does not count the foreign students.

    • trumwill says:

      So what did they know, and when did they know it?

      • Dand says:

        The coverage on Hastert during the Foley scandal now seems very strange on the other is this the type of thing that can really be an open secret?

        I’m debating if posting this Over There is worth being accused of racism.

    • Dr X says:

      I’ve heard rumors about Hastert over the years. I thought they were widely known. When his indictment was announced, the rumors were the first thing that came to mind. In fact, the rumors have long been the first thing that comes to mind when I hear Hastert’s name mentioned. Next, comes to mind, rumors of shady land deals.

      I was shocked that pols expressed shock about all this. I thought most people who pay attention to politics in Illinois had heard the rumors, and assumed that most in Washington had heard.

      There’s other stuff in the Hastert rumor archive, but because it isn’t in the MSM, it isn’t criminal and involves presumably innocent persons, I’ll confine comments on that to discussions in less public circumstances.

  2. Michel Drew says:

    A Sady Doyle link, kudos.

    Were you aware of the episode with our former co-blogger <a href=" outlined here? Man, what a cluster. I was completely uninitiated into that history.

  3. fillyjonk says:

    In re: the Denny Hastert thing. I wasn’t surprised another Illinois politician is accused of doing something illegal. I will admit slight surprise over what he’s alleged to have done; usually the crimes of Illinois governors and such seem to be either misuse of funds or trying to trade power for money.

    I used to live in Illinois. I believe the state currently has three or four ex-governors in prison or on supervised release….

  4. Oscar Gordon says:

    Popehat has a nice take on Hastert & the implications of prosecutorial power.

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