spraytanvendingmachineCanada appears to be (formally) opening the door to ecigarettes.

Jesse Walker argues that Philip K Dick was right, the fear shouldn’t be that robots will become more man-like, but that we will be reduced to robots.

Good news! Japan may have passed peak suicide.

Officials in South Carolina and elsewhere have been very concerned about the illegal exporting of automobiles. Coincidentally, they’ve been seizing said luxury automobiles. The good news (depending on your POV) is that they’re backing off.

In a restaurant review that isn’t really a restaurant review, Jack Baruth investigates the male privilege of potential invisibility.

I don’t really buy Cyanogen’s alleged plan to steal Android from Google. I just don’t see how they get passed the referenced 800-pound entity. Judging by the closing, it seems like Cyanogen may feel the same way. Which is unfortunate, in a way, because some of the forced tying-in is beginning to grate. (I wouldn’t mind Google wanting me to use their products if their products were actually better or as-good as the alternatives.)

On paper, Sleepless in Seattle had serious problems. It’s a testament to the power of the Hanks-Ryan chemistry that it was as well-regarded as it was.

It’s Dawn on Ceres, as we look at the universe’s leftovers.

If they aren’t interested in taking over Pitcairn, maybe would-be seasteaders need to cozy up to the Chinese, offering to be human flagpoles in exchange for relative independence!

While Stand Your Ground laws can go too far, sometimes the laws governing how we can protect ourselves go too far in the other direction. In both The Practice and Boston Legal, there were episodes relating to a burden of proof for self-defense that I found troublesome, as their freedom depended on whether or not they could demonstrate that the deceased was moving in their direction.

I attribute one of the dumbest things ever said in politics to Fritz Hollings (D-SC), and his work on copyright has lead to infuriating results, but be can be so dang earnest sometimes. (No pun intended.) I can’t reveal it, but there’s a touching story involving him and someone that I know.

Is a five-year old Oklahoman a reincarnated film actor? (What’s odd about this link is that I’ve gotten it on Facebook, from about four okies that I know. All of whom are super-devout Christians.)

Mapping East Middle Earth.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Sum of Primes From 23 to 59

  1. fillyjonk says:

    That story about the kid is kind of creepy.

    (I am on record as saying that I lived through being 13 years old once, don’t want to again, and if I get to the Other Side and find out reincarnation is a thing, I’m tearing up my return ticket….)

    • trumwill says:

      I’d like to think I would be better prepared to be 13 again, being cognizant of how full of crap everybody is. But it would only work if I carried that awareness with me, and I think they have you check that luggage.

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    I recall that self-defense link from a Linky at OT, and it’s still pretty horrific that the DA is not backing off. I agree that the requirements for a self-defense claim are too severe in some states, but I think in this case it’s less the law and more the lawyer that is the problem.

    I’m starting to wonder if the dead guy owed the DA money or something…

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