So Taco Bell released this commercial.

Which is really quite gorgeous.

I’ve long wondered why Taco Bell doesn’t do breakfast, given that Sonic has previously gotten my business solely for having (very lackluster) breakfast tacos in parts of the country that don’t offer it regularly. It’s definitely punching up to go after McDonald’s on the breakfast front because that is what they do best.

Speaking of which, it’s looking like McD’s is finally rolling out the all-day breakfast in San Diego. It’s amazing what desperation will get you to do. Jack in the Box figured this out ages ago. It happens quite frequently these days that I end up getting breakfast sandwiches at Sheetz simply because they serve it later in the day.

And lastly, McDonald’s is also in the news for announcing that it’s going to start paying its employees more. However, given that they only own about one in ten of its locations, the effect will be limited. When I worked at McDonald’s, I was actually about fifty cents ahead of minimum wage. And when minimum wage went up, my pay went up, too.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    That was a fun commercial. It’s interesting how web video advertisements have allowed advertisers to be much more creative, while also giving them much better data on viewership & opinion/response.

    The 30 second spot is so last decade.

    • trumwill says:

      Word. I am trying to imagine explaining to my younger self “In the future, corporations will buy ads in the Superbowl that will only air in North Dakota, because they don’t care if people watch it during the Super Bowl, they just want to say it’s a Super Bowl ad and people will watch it on their computers, if it’s successful.”

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