wpid-1421680850.jpgParadoxically, we use fewer materials than ever to create things, but this is exacerbating material shortages.

Hey! Look at some infamous, interesting, and scary roads.

Andy Kiersz and Jessica Orwig look at the science of extraterrestrial life.

If you’re cautious about marriage, you ought to be cautious about cohabitation, too.

It turns out, when gay Mormons marry, they often divorce.

Georgia has had a problem of half-built communities. Alana Semuels tells the story of what the town of Covington did about it, to the applause of some and the consternation of others.

The story of Jimmy Dushku, the guy who is being followed by North Korea’s twitter account, and nobody (including him) knows why.

Timothy Burke on the trouble with privilege.

In the future, between now and self-driving cars, will cars watch you drive?

Singapore seems to take the prize for being most enthusiastic about driverless cars.

I am intrigued by the prospect of an anti-obesity electronic implant. Is there an implant to make us exercise more?

How do we feel about robots taking our jobs? Top scientists are worried about them taking over.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Rural Districts in India

  1. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    Related to the materials link. One reason we can no longer have a largely uneducated population:


    When you need significant training in biology & chemistry to make plastic, the current HS diploma just won’t cut it.

    • trumwill says:

      Of course, the tricky part is educating everybody. There is also a populist argument in here somewhere about whether there will actually be a premium for this education (though at least arguably, maybe inarguably, it’s baked into the college degree premium that exists.

      • Mad Rocket Scientist says:

        Alternatively, we could just improve HS or Voc-Tech education to provide the needed education.

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