binbowsWestern learning techniques are all the rage among the Chinese wealthy.

You know that round thingie at the end of your laptop charger? Well this is what that round thingie is all about.

The Japanese recession? Scott Sumner wants to know… What Japanese recession?

Adam Ozimek fact-checks Merle Haggard.

Alice Goffman wrote a book on the fugitive life, and here’s an excerpt.

Orange and blue are the new black, at least when it comes to movie posters.

You’ve heard of insomnia. Have you ever heard of insomnia’s opposite?

The business of fake diplomas. Not those ones from unaccredited colleges that give credit for “life experience”… but rather, completely fake ones from real schools (or, at least potentially, fake ones). I wonder if there’s one I can get for Will Truman from Southern Tech University, to put aside the one with my real name and real institution.

Leana Wen argues that patients should see their medical records.

An interesting article on India’s efforts to undo the caste system.

SimCity has a homelessness problem. Or does it?

Dave Majumdar makes the case for a space-based Internet Service (micro-satellite).

Makes sense: Birds flying in formation rotate position.

Andre Spicer and Carl Cederstrom argue that we’ve become too obsessed with wellness.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Indian Prisoners in Pakistan

  1. fillyjonk says:

    RE: fake diplomas. Some years back here, for some kind of accreditation person, the dude in charge of everything for that couldn’t be troubled to go over to HR and look at the transcripts on file fs or most faculty there, so told us we all needed to request transcripts from the various degree-granting places we earned degrees from, and send them to him. (I will note in passing we were expected to do this on our own dime, for the schools that charged).

    My Ph.D. school was slow in sending, so I called the guy up, and in the spirit of being helpful, told him they hadn’t arrived yet BUT I had my Ph.D. diploma as proof of my having earned the degree.

    I didn’t know this guy very well or else I wouldn’t have done it. His response to me: “Mmmmmmnnnnnnn…..well, have you seen ‘Catch Me If You Can’? Diplomas can be faked.”

    Dude was essentially accusing me of faking my Ph.D. Something I spent five years of my life (and gained about 15 pounds of stress-weight) earning. I was PISSED. I made a rather humorless response and hung up. And chose NEVER to do anything in a spirit of helpfulness to that person again.

    So fake diplomas aren’t a “victimless” crime; they make people suspect the genuine ones. (In case I needed to put a moral on that story).

    • Trumwill says:

      This is sorta my thing about drivers license for illegal immigrants. It’s not letting them drive, but that the DL can serves as soft proof of authorized residency. Not if unauthorized immigrants have them, though.

      Anyway, fake diplomas and transcripts from real universities strike me as some form of trademark violation,even if we leave aside everything else.

      • fillyjonk says:

        Yup, definitely trademark violation and somehow devaluing the diplomas of the people who actually earned one from there. Kind of like a fake Coach bag or something, only in a way that could impact someone’s ease in getting a job.

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