FatLadySingingI was actually discussing this with someone recently, but if you want your kid to get ahead, don’t teach them Manderin but instead plain ole Spanish.

Alex Suskind writes on the enduring legacy of Cowboy Bebop. I don’t rewatch nearly as much of my old anime as I’d like, but I find myself rewatching Cowboy Bebop every few years.

Last summer, Scott Alexander reviewed Elizabeth Warren’s Two-Income Trap.

China has opened a Hogwarts! For art students.

Jeannie Suk is concerned that future lawyers are not being trained to understand rape law because of student sensitivity. Corey Yung isn’t seeing it, though. Non-lawyer Conor Friedersdorf also comments on the issue.

Yes! Our experiment in trying to get everybody out of bed earlier has been an abject failure.

California Sunday magazine has an in-depth look at the 43 Mexican students who went missing, and the change that may occur because of it.

About dang time. The pickings for Android car stereos have remained too slim for too long.

Alex Tabarrok writes about three felonies a day and its ramifications.

Even after a global apolocalypse, people gotta eat.

As Gabriel Rossman says, “Grant us this day our daily pageviews and forgive us our outrages as we forgive those who outrage against us.”

News is that e-cigarettes are less addictive than combustibles, Sally Satel argues that anti-smoking groups should endorse Snus and E-Cigarettes. The Snus thing is interesting, because both sides cite it without hesitation as proof on the potential dangers and potential of ecigarettes.

Here’s a story from 2006: A woman was applying for aid and was denied because the maternity test said that she wasn’t her child’s mother.

Jailed criminals think pretty highly of themselves.

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