spacechimpJohn Sanphillippo advocates “Good Enough Urbanism.”

Keep that anger bottled up, lower your self esteem, hire a narcissist, and seven more counter-intuitive psychological findings.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Utah… what’s the difference, really?

According to a new study, assortive mating actually has increased over time.

“We don’t have a marriage crisis in this country because everybody has stopped following the rules. We have a marriage crisis because the rules don’t work.” -Eve Tushnet

MOOCs may be a disappointment by the standards of what their boosters have said, but there still may be gold in them there hills.

The Economist looks at what’s gone wrong with Germany’s energy policy.

Autonomous cars are going to require new kinds of digital mapping. The article discusses Nokia’s HERE software. I left that out of my navigation software review because it wasn’t available. I have tried it since and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Listen to the brave story of a cow being prepared for slaughter that had other ideas.

Universities are using the holidays for fundraising. My alma mater has never once called or contacted me requesting money. Which on the one hand, is convenient for me. On the other hand, it’s typical of their administrative incompetencies and I want to smack them over the head for it.

Keli Goff makes a progressive case against birthright citizenship, as part of a larger bargain. I’m not in favor if the idea, and it’s not going anywhere, but I hadn’t realized that a couple other countries have recently made that decision.

The curious case of Lawrence Franks, who ditched the US Army and joined the French Foreign Legion.

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