Urban cores are growing, but suburbs are growing more.

Are TV makers ruining our movie experience? Noted conservative (and Ordinary Times critic) Sonny Bunch calls for prohibition. Personally, I’d been wondering what feature it was that my father’s TV has that mine does not so that I can make sure that my next one has it. I’m pretty sure that’s the one.

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass is ending, and Hayley Peterson talked to some people who took advantage and ate at Olive Garden every day. Apparently, the only downside was the food.

I’ve long speculated that the future of legal pot may lie with the much-maligned tobacco industry. Apparently, they’ve peeked into it themselves. It’s one thing they could do to perhaps help their image.

Ever wonder where high concentrations of trailer parks are? Here you go.

With corporate mergers all the rage, should countries do the same? Greg Rosalsky looks at a USA-Mexico merger, and (kind of wistfully) finds it unlikely. The thing about corporate mergers is that they tend to benefit both parties. It’s hard to see a US-Mexico merger as doing that.

Jennifer Anghju Grossman gives tips on dating Objectivistly.

Maybe instead of micro-apartments, we need micro-micro-apartments! Featuring 86sqft apartments in Paris. Or, if you need something just a bit bigger, here’s a video on how you can fit 1100sqft into 420.

Wow, some whales are over 200 years old, meaning they were born before Moby Dick was written.

Four years after Fukishima, nuclear is making a comeback in Japan.

What happened to the proposals for the 30-hour workweek? Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt says that the New Deal killed it.

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